Friday, June 24, 2011

DH5: 080 Yorick, The Gravedigger

Horay! it's our 80th DH5! that means I got all the released LoL champions done! Whoohoo!

It's Yorick! and Crabthief Fridays! Looks like that crab is at it again! Stealing Yorick's Urn from him and scuttling away!

I love shovels as a weapon and the idea of a gravedigger champion sounds really cool but Yorick comes off a little plain. Shambling around like a tent with a dangling lantern. Luckily the shovel saves the silhouette by being a pretty cool design. The ghouls themselves seem a little too simple and ethereal. I thought they should be actual corpses crumbling up from the ground but they seem to be more spirits that only variance is a color swap. I understand limitations and whatnot but the summoned mobs seem a little weird.

so i didn't get duped into buying him even though I was totally excited for this champion but it turns out he's pretty underpowered. No one is reporting good things about him and it sounds like he's going to need some serious bufs if Riot wan ts to make some cash off of this guy. The big thing that's instantly noticablee in the spotlight is that he only really does well when it's a giant team fight. Does anyone have anything to say about this grim groundskeeper? if so break out the shovel and scoop up some comments below!

and thanks SO MUCH for following me down this crazy path! we got them all!

-jouste the drawbarian

Thursday, June 23, 2011

DH5: 079 Orianna, The Lady of Clockwork

Holy Cats! It's our 79th highfive! we are nearing to the end!

Today it's that clockwork caster Orianna! It looks like she might have been a little over-wound here as she's losing some springs!

Orianna looks pretty cool. Her other skins give her a real Tim Burton or "9" vibe. I like the choices of skirt and chest design with the gear and arrows, and her color palette is predictable but works quite well. Her ball is a neat design as well and has some pretty neat looking effects as well whenever Orianna's spells are being cast.

In game I'm not sure how to read Orianna, I've never played her but I've heard that she is a lot of fun to play. I also noticed that all of her moves require precision and timing to the degree that it seems easier to just play someone else and achieve the same effect. Does anyone main this gear-filled girl? if so take off your hour-hand and scratch in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DH5: 078 -Leona, The Radiant Dawn

It's the 78th DH5! A Champ that isn't even out yet! Leona!

Leona is going to be the first female pure tank in the game and she appears to be a blood elf paladin or a warhammer knight of the blazing sun. The design is solid enough but I feel that it doesn't really push the envelope that far. I always love the sword and board set up on characters and am a big fan of the shield slam. Hopefully her flashy effects will be wicked as she takes to the field!

Only a few more champions to do everyone! thanks for coming along for the ride!

-jouste the drawbarian

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DH5: 077 -Jarvan IV, The Exemplar of Demacia

Holy cats! It's the 77th DH5!

Today it's that spear-stabbing slayer Jarvan the IV! here he is nestled in his crater that he made through sheer awesomeness!

I actually put off drawing Jarvan for a while because his armor is a bit of a pain in the butt to draw. I really like the pauldrons and the hio guards but the rest seems a little superfluous and his spear just has too much going on. Jarvan tends to get lost in his own details and cold use some bigger shapes to make him stand out. his abilities look awesome though and while he stomps around the map he looks very badass.

In game Jarvan is a really cool tank pick if he can snag multiple enemy champions in his crater it gets really awesome. During the season 1 tourney he was a very strong pick and a lo of fun to watch in the capacity of a roaming jungle tank. All in all a solid champ to play with some really strong abilities to boot. Is anyone a big fan of this beastly Demacian? if so then take your telescoping spear and jab in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian

Monday, June 20, 2011

DH5: 076 -Karma, The Enlightened One

Oh man, We are nearing the end of the LoL roster with our 76th DH5! And I hope you like it breezy because it's Karma that fan flapping support champion!

Man I gotta say I find this champion dull. Even from her initial concept I could tell that there wasn't much of anything to go off of when she was first designed. Her back brace has some interesting geometry on it and the fans and figure make for kind of an interesting silhouette but all in all she's just a really basic design with not a lot of originality to offer. I suppose the majority of the Ionian champs tend to rub me that way. Give me more Zaun! Although i gotta say that a Fan Dance Uhura skin would be super awesome.

In game Karma has some interesting abilities and no ultimate that makes her have some pretty cool synergies with a lot of champions. Her tethers, shields, and fan shotgun are all pretty effective on the field. I've seen a lot of support Karma's keep their team fighting for a long time making her another pretty interesting support to watch. any one a fan of these fans? If so, waft some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian

Weekender vol. 016

Time to get some friendly sparring on with these patented "Spar-Bars"! hold tight for episode 16 of the weekender!


Ugh what a week. 

A pile of idiots decided it would be awesome to riot in Vancouver and they thoroughly trashed a very nice looking area in downtown. An embarrassing and disgusting display of spoiled morons which got out of hand way to fast.

The whole thing leaves a really lousy taste in my mouth, and it's a really shame that it was over something as pathetic as a hockey game. Lets hope this upcoming week fares better for us all!

-jouste the drawbarian