Thursday, June 2, 2011

DH5: 064 -Tristana, The Megling Gunner

Alright! the 64th highfive!

It looks like it's that tiny turret Tristana! Ready to carry her team into victory with some super rapid revenge!

Tristana is another one of those overly cute pipsqueaks that manage to get their way into League. I can put up with her because a friend of mine absolutely destroys with her but as fas as aesthetics go, I find that she's almost too small to get a lot of her elements across.  The gun is cool and the goggles and backpack of shot is neat but the palette isn't too striking and aside from her skin it's kind of a just a flat gray. Her skins make up for this by being pretty great and mixing it up as well.

In game she can get really nasty, i remember a Tristana who midded against us and only ended up buying spell pen boots and like 4 Doran's rings and there was NOTHING we could do about her, she could dive, gank, and counter everything we threw at her. She's one of those characters who's skills are so strong that you can kind of build whatever you want. Of curse end game Trist becomes a menace as well, but it was both interesting and frustrating to see that she could pull off a ridiculous early game as well. Any one a fan of this girly gunner? then load up your hand cannon and fire in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Tristana will always be my favorite Yordle, so adorable :)

    wish you made her as cute as Teemo though :c

    And yes that is a rocket in my pocket

  2. I am not really a fan of trist design wise or in-game wise.

    She seems underplayed, and I am guessing it is because most people prefer other range carries. I am not really a fan of the huge-weapon-small-body characters.

    Also, Trolling with Tristiana:

  3. @Infinite:
    oh infinite, I always seem to screw up your favorite champions. i appreciate you dropping by still!

    Yeah i'm on the same page as you with the small body big weapon thing. And i'll be sure to watch your video later!

  4. Trist has a surprising amount of subtlety. I also really like that she has a semi-viable AP build :)

  5. yeah jack i was thinking the same thing as she scored her 12th kill. interesting way of goign about an AP build.

  6. I wish I was better with Trist. She's a cool champ, and maybe one of my favorite yordles... but I just am trash with her.
    I really like the design on her gun in this picture. It's so interesting. Keep it up, man!

  7. its just she has a somewhat familiar look.. the way you drew her hair...

    it more drops into the "hot" area how you drew it

    and with Tristana's buster shot, you'd think she have a recoil like Caitlyns net thingy