Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DH5: 067 -Xin Zhao, The Seneschal of Demacia

Demaciaaaa! It's our 67th Daily High Five!

Today we have that Spear-wielding slayer Xin Zhao! Here he is getting some sweet martial arts down while his flag flutters furiously in  the wind!

Xin Zhao looks like an homage to Zhao Yun from the Dynasty warriors series to a degree. His fast looking attacks and charges look pretty impressive on the battlefield but he has that generic Demacian feel that the Heroes from the D always seem to have. I like the plates of armor and the split spear and stuff but something about his design just doesn't really do it for me. His animations are great though and he always looks like he's ready for a fight.

I always laugh and remember when Xin First came ou and he was like the Chuck Norris of the LoL community because of how strong he was. Nothing could stop him and it came down to who had the better Xin of the teams that would decide the outcome. Now he's still pretty strong, maybe a little too strong but a lot better than the original or the super nerfed version that would just vaporize on impact. He's one of the strongest duelists in the game and can really deal out the beats. Anyone a fan of this fearsome warrior? then pullout your trusty spear and stab in a comment below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Xin is a menace! I hate him in every way and now that Riot buffed him in team fights. . . .uggg

    *Sarcasm alert* You can tell that this is my favorite champion bar none.

  2. Xin as a lot of fun to play. Single handedly turning around a teamfight, a gank or otherwise is just so amazing, but something bugs me.

    A lot of melee DPS I play, I get ostracized by other players because of how I build. People like Master Yi and Xin Zhao, as I don't build Zeal/Phantom Dancer's on them.

    Personally I do love the item stats wise, but I find it overkill for these guys. Busting out crits left right and center while attacking like you have jet thrusters in your arms just seems un-fun to me, and thus I don't build it.

    I wouldn't be so bothered by this, if it wasn't such an effective item >.>;;

    Either way, awesome job!

  3. Technically its not a spear, its a bladed battering ram

    and i was thinking of the song "be a man" from Mulan when i saw this

  4. Ah, Xin. One of my newer characters. He is a force to be reckoned with, and when I open cloth + 5pots, I am never the first one out of lane.

    I picked him up about half way through his free week 2 weeks ago, and I ended up doing really well with a guide I found on Solomid.

    Nowadays, I am usually either playing him or Swain in-game, as I can do pretty well with both.

  5. @Sthor: I can totally see why, this guy is a one man wrecking crew!

    @Zed: I know what you mean about those items, i find phantom dancers to be awesome on Mundo because he needs it but those guys are already fast enough. It'd be like getting warmogs on mundo ;P.

    @infinite: haha a friend of mine was singing that song over vent the ENTIRE time he was playing Xin.

    @Hiicantpk: is it you that rocks the AD swain? or am i totally crazy?

  6. @jouste

    I was the one who posted the idea here, but I don't use it very often ingame.

  7. Xin bothers me late game mostly because his crits will be so powerful that when he activates his ability to knock you in the air he has most likely killed you already and is moving on to the rest of your team D: