Friday, June 3, 2011

DH5: 065 -Kayle, The Judicator

It's Crabthief Fridays! Along with our exciting 65th DH5!

Today it's that Holier-than-thou bringer of retribution, Kayle! Here she is after that crafty crab who managed to scuttle away with her helmet!

Aesthetically Kayle comes off a little strange because of her very thin frame that is wearing massive plates of armor. I always liked the idea of martial angel type characters and aside from a small physical presence, Kayle hits the mark pretty well. Her abilities are all very fitting with reckoning this, and righteous fury that. Her skins tend not to stray too much creatively, but it was very cool when she lost the helmet.

In game Kayle has gone froma pretty crazy support, to an unstoppable champion, then back down to a  reasonable level. Or maybe even lower? because I don't see her too often anymore. But with her old Ultimate that rendered someone invincible for 4 seconds was it? Got really out of hand really fast. When she got over buffed she was just the worst, she could heal through everything and deal bigtime damage, and slow you, AND turn invincible. Luckily now she isn't as fearsome. Does anyone still run with this vengeful vixen? take aim with your beam of righteousness and scrawl in your comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I get really upset trying to play Kayle. Whoever put the bruiser tag underneath her description better get rid of it! >:F

    I'll admit before she was a terror, but now she's basically just useless unless you know how to play correctly. Every Kayle I've gone up against all do the same thing,, Harass with Reckoning, Harass Righteous Fury, then when you get too close pop ult pop heal run away. And even then killing her is too easy.

    Her skills are awkward for me to understand. To me she's more suited to being support with her heal and ult, Reckoning is nice to set up attacks for your team mates, but Righteous Fury just puts me off.

    I'll admit, skill wise it's fantastic. But for a character that does seem majorly support, it seems odd that it's not a toggle.

    Just my thoughts though, great job!

  2. She is the only 450 champion I own. I try to play her as sort of a DPS/Support Hybrid, but thats because I have no clue how to play her properly.

    I have pulled a few clutch saves with her ultimate, but otherwise she isn't very good ingame imo.

    There is no video I can think of that really involves Kayle highly. I only found out about a month ago that she and Morgana are sisters ._.

  3. I love Kayle, and everything about her since i started playing this game back on beta. Her lore is badass, and i love the whole thing about Kayle ripping Morg's wings and all.

    She's so versatile, you can play many different roles while playing her. You can deal amount of damage properly equipped, or play an awesome support for the rest of the team.

    Thanks for drawing her up, i'd love to do it if i had the talent xD.

    Keep them coming!! :D

  4. Actually Kayle is getting a complete visual revamp including new animations. So she may turn out to be more interesting looking soon. :)

  5. lately I have been seeing a lot of Kayle in-game and each time they have been doing really well. I believe it is because people don't know what Kayle they are gonna get when they play against and underestimate her killing power. Last game I played with a Kayle she was 22/0/8. . .
    Before she had the cinematic and the Helmet-less skin I seriously thought the character was a guy . If it is true that she is getting a visual revamp i hope it is not in the line of other overly busty champs with knockers bigger than their heads(Don't get me wrong I like the chesticles[a lot] but c'mon Riot not all the female champions should have to go through plastic surgery to be in the league)