Friday, June 17, 2011

DH5: 075 -Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Oh boy! Crabthief Fridays and our 75th DH5!

Here's that busty bounty hunter Miss Fortune! Looks like Crabthief might have clawed off a little more he can chew here by stealing Miss Fortune's very Booty! I gotta be honest and tell you that I'm not a fan of her design, she's pretty much like Caitlyn, slender, chesty girl with a giant silly hat and firearms. Her hair is a lot of fun but the pistols are just awkward looking. I do love pirates though unconditionally so she does have that going for her.

In game Miss fortune can be a real problem if topped up with some gear and a strong player. I remember thinking that Double-Up was one of the most OP moves in the game and that her lane was borderline unstoppable. Her Ult can really mess up an entire group and make it rain can slow enemies just enough that they can get snagged by other players. Does anyone brandish this buxom buccaneer? If so then grab your cutlass and slash in some comments below! today I'll be writing back to everyone at some point!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. When I first started playing LoL, I saw the MF bot in action, and I instantly wanted to play her. Then I found out she is 6300IP, and I decided to buy Shen instead.

    I really like her Secret Agent Miss Forune skin, otherwise, her design is kinda meh for me.

  2. yeah I like that skin as well. the dress and hair is fancy and the guns feel way better.

  3. Technically she is a pirate hunter

    and again, why you draw her so big like sona? o,o

    I hate her stupid hat
    I hate her stupid stride
    I hate her stupid make it rain
    I hate her stupid hit on effect double tap


    but she squishy and when she dies her hat comes off, so i can deal with it :)

  4. yeah i love taking that hat of as well. and i tend to make the girls bigger because i don't really increase their head size and i still want their faces to read alright.

    it's honestly refreshing to hear that someone else doesn't really like her design. thanks for the comment!

  5. I don't understand the hate on MF's design. She's got... a hat. And big knockers. And guns. And ... a face so generic I often pick Caitlyn by accident instead.

    Honestly, she's only a dozen thighbelts from perfection. Belongs in the Louvre imo. Next to the McDonald's, or possibly inside it.

  6. Wow, already on Dh5 75. According to the LoL wiki, there is only 77 Champions currently released. What do you think you will be doing after you finish all the LoL characters?

  7. Yay! Miss Fortune at last!!

    I /love/ playing her, and I still count her as my main. She can be a tad mana-hungry, but building a manamune--or at least a Tear of the Goddess--can help with that. With Strut, it's very easy to slip out of the enemy's clutches while still putting on the hurt, and /damn/ does she do that well.

    The hat kinda made no sense to me at first, but I've gotten used to it with how much I've played her. :P Her quotes, btw, play off of Han Solo's, which is another point to her in my book.