Wednesday, June 8, 2011

DH5: 068 -Sona, Maven of the Strings

Alright! It's our 67th highfive!

It would appear that we have Sona the strumming support champion!  

So I  guess that Sona is kind of an homage to that vocaloid character Miku Hatsune or it could very well be a coincidence that her appearance mirrors hers. She floats around the battle field and twangs on her weird harp thing looking complacent. The harp, or "Etwahl" is an interesting design that looks like it could totally work as an instrument if one had the proper apparatus to hold it in place. It sure would be a pain to bring it to a party and show off though.

In game, pretty much every thing Sona does dumps out a buff and shoots tracking crap at her enemies or heals her friends. She was pretty much the ultimate face roll character and it was highly infuriating to play against her. Her Ult is pretty hilarious and have ruined a whole lot of tower dives for a whole lot of people, as their champions foolishly dance within tower range while the rest of her team pulls you apart. I've liked having her in my Mundo lane and she seems that she has an easier time supporting everyone than other support champions because everything seems to home in on their own targets. Is anyone a fan of this musical madam? Tune up your key-tar and blast out some sweet, melodic comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I honestly really hated her hair

    but the way you drew it, more puffy and none of the yellow, i like it

    and is it just me or is she bigger then most of the high 5?

  2. you have a good point there, she is bigger, i didn't even notice really because i was trying to fit all her hair and flowing stuff into the picture. And don't even get me started on her hair haha, i am most definitely not a fan either.

    thanks for the comment!

  3. Shurelia designed her, so yeah, she was based off of Miku. :P (Just fyi, Shurelia is a huge Japanese anime/manga/whatever fan, so the champs that look like they wouldn't be out of place in anime, like Ezreal, Lux and Sona, were designed by her. In fact, she even voices Lux.)

    I rarely see any Sonas in the games I play, but when I do, I'm so happy to have her--or I'm frustrated as heck because she's on the enemy team. I really want to learn how to play her, because even though she's squishy as heck, she's absolutely the best support character. And yeah, her ult is awesome.

  4. When i participate in a duo lane, I hate to see her on the other side of the lane. Her damage is pretty good for a support, and with her constant healing abilities it is hard to harass/whittle down the other opponent.

    Sona Alistar lane = GG NORE unless you gank her like 4 times and make her underleveled.

  5. I've been looking for a support champion to learn. It's the one role I'm not comfortable with. Soraka/Sona may be a good fit.

    Also, I had no clue Shurelia actually did the Lux voice :|

  6. Speaking of which Hiicantpk, your Alistar Sona comment reminds me of a team that was unbeatable

    top lane was Nasus and Sona while bottom lane was Soraka and Alistar, and Vlad was mid lane, team kept healing so we were destroyed....

    and about the hair, i guess cause in game they are long and thin and it annoys me for some reason, yours reminds me of clouds and/or flowing water and i do like clouds :)