Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DH5: 063 -Vayne, The Night Hunter

Another daily highfive! Our sixty-third in fact!

This time it's everyone's favorite Van Helsinger Vayne! Shown here fixing her wrist mounted crossbow and hunting down a fierce Lord of the night! Vayne is another character who's design I'm not too crazy about. It's Like an amalgamation of Trinity from the Matrix, Bayonetta, and a female Blade or Van Helsing. One of those characters that's just "Too cool" and serious. Her attacks look pretty neat and her constant tumbling around and pinning enemies into walls makes her visually interesting on the field.

In game Vayne Is a menace, usually at the earlier stages of the game if she stays aggressive enough she can pretty much take apart anybody. The only thing that I've learned about dealing with her is to remain calm and wait till mid and end game where you can gear up and deal with her properly. I've had a few games now were she'll snag a ton of early kills but we eventually turn it around once our tanks tank up and everyone else gets some armor or other way of dealing with her. Sion and any on demand stunner can usually hard counter her in a way thats very satisfying. Nothing quite compares to seeing a well timed cryptic gaze stop her constant tumbling and prime her for a death's caress burst. Is anyone a fan of this fang stealing female? If so, then load up your wrist mounted crossbow and dial in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian.


  1. As most of ranged carries she's easy to counter. Even when fed she isn't big problem in team fights when focused.
    Yesterday I was playing against her, we've fed her a bit (she had something like 5/1/2) in early game, but when it came to team fight, she wasn't any challenge to kill.
    But still, she's extremely mobile on a battle field. And can easly counter Cait ult with her ult + tumble (you can cancel Cait's ult in first second of channeling if you get out of her sight).

  2. @common:

    Wow i didn't know about that Cait ult cancel! thanks a bunch!

    And I totally agree with you, she can get those kills early on but mid to late she can get destroyed pretty easy, i think The most successful one I saw had an AListar's Pulverize and a Malphite's Ult to make her able to take down like everyone while they were popped up. thanks ofr the comment!

  3. Haha, I'm a bit of Cait-o-maniac so I know a bit 'bout her :D
    More things are: Pilotover has a bit shorter range that it should have. And net has longer range that it should have. It's quite noticeable, and annoying. And while using trap you have for moment vision of what is in bush, but it doesn't have all bush range, but this is noticeable in first use so it isn't some innovative news.
    Hmmm... I haven't seen this setup yet. But still, she can take most of champs easily when they are disabled in any way.