Friday, June 10, 2011

DH5: 070 -Karthus, The Deathsinger

It's that time again! Time for that crafty crustacean to leave with some loot!

This Friday on our 70th DH5 we are visiting that skeletal spell-slinger Karthus! It seems that our friend the Crabthief has stolen Karthus' favorite book! A first edition of "The Deathening" and it looks like he's about to get a horrible taste of Requiem For his troubles!

Karthus' look is that of a lich. Flowing robes, a bright scepter, and bony appendages gained from selling out his body to the dark arts. I found his design pretty fun but it got really interesting when i started seeing the Chinese version of this guy with the cowl and gloves because showing bones over there is a bad idea. I always liked the idea of a lich, it's like the ultimate commitment to power and Karthus pulls it off pretty nicely.

In game there are some pretty good Karthuses and I am of the school of thought that he's a little more trickier to play than "press R and profit". His wall is awesome and very strong, his lay waste can deal out tons of damage, and his Requiem can really ruin an enemy's day.  I've seen him get hard canceled by Soraka and I've also seen him rush a soulstealer and hit 20 stacks before hitting 15. Champions with global Ults are a lot of fun and Karthus really brings the mean. Does anyone main this monstrous mage? if so summon some dark powers and carve in your comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I was playing a few 5v5s with a friend yesterday. He played Karthus every game, and he probably racked up 40 kills between the 3 games we played. 80% of those kills were from his R.
    He also had his Grim Reaper Karthus skin, which was pretty badass.

    Funniest video I know of relating to Karthus:

  2. I. Hate. Karthus. Plain and simple. It's a bit objective to think that way, mostly because I haven't played him before but I simply can't lane against him.

    ...If I'm playing Melee DPS. I have an easier time ripping him apart as Twisted or Vayne. But Master Yi? Tryndamere? Xin Zhao? Forget about it. I'll be at half health before I can use my distance closer, and even then staying close to him isn't an option.

    His R is annoying, but since I picked up Shaco, I can't help but laugh at it now. Countering the massive blast with a little invisiblink has saved me from one too many situations, Karthus not withstanding.

    Either way, great job! The foot kinda creeps me out, I kind of expect him to float all the time.

  3. I haven't played against any karthus but I'm guessing hes a pain from the comments XD