Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekender vol. 015

It's some much needed pest control in this weekender! Looks like the fly problem has gotten out of hand and it needs some Major Shark and Frugal Spaceman attention!


Last week was a beast of a week. Alot of work and a lot of loose ends to be tied up. I've been a little exhausted as of late and should probably start taking care of myself a little more.

Got into experience "Super 8" in an AVX theater. Super 8 was a really great movie. I know I only seem to mention movies I like but it was really well put together. The period felt really great and the acting was superb, the monster was mysterious as well and the action was awesome. AVX theater seats are awesome and the audio was like a rock concert (except much more clear). All that and reserved seating? sounds like it's worth the 3 extra bucks to me.

Have a great week everyone!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I wasn't really sure what to think of that movie from the commercials but I might check it out :D

  2. Hope you like it! Like I said, I was a big fan and so was the pile of people that i saw it with.