Monday, June 6, 2011

DH5: 066 -Kog'Maw, The Mouth of the Abyss

It's our sixty sixth daily highfive!

Today it's that slime-shooting fiend Kog'Maw slipping in his own goo! What a fool!

Kogs is a pretty neat looking character with a lot of cool looking skins and skills. The only problem I find with his design is there really isn't much to break up the monotony of his void-creature texture. I know he's supposed to just be a creature but some contrasting carapace elements would really help break him up. The skins available to him prove this point by being a lot more interesting to look at.

I remember when Kog first came out and there was that bug when his attack speed would increase exponentially instead of on a flat number scale. That was hilarious and frustrating because of how much damage this little brat could output. His range is ridiculous and just when you thought that you finally had the little bastard cornered, FLASH! Damn it! Now he's toned down quite a bit but I'll always remember when he was a super powered menace that would be constantly ruining my games. Is anyone still a faun of this caustic combatant? Any good stories involving his hilarious ult? Then load p your mouth with an acidic burst and spray in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. ok i honestly could not tell that was Kog'maw...

  2. ohh infinity, there's just no pleasing you. from what i see on Kog its really just a mess of fangs and green vomit. The whole "cute" angle never really resonated with me.

    thanks for commenting though! i appreciate your honesty.

  3. I agree with Infinite.

    But still you gave him an interesting look.

    That's the one of two champs that annoy me a lot from the same reason: longer range than Cait! how it could be!
    When he's built for attack speed his such a bad ass!
    And that's one of champs I've never played.

  4. Aw, I could totes tell it was Kog'Maw. I just played a game today with him on my team, and not only did the other team have a Cait, who proceeded to rip him to shreds, they took Baron. I was a little disappointed. Oh well. I really like all the void characters (esp. Kass, and Malz is cool too), and apparently we're due for another one? Aw yusssss.

  5. Honestly, I still don't know what he is supposed to do ingame.
    Is he supposed to be a caster? A DPS? A support? Honestly, What role does he fit?

  6. The way he was drawn, he looks like he is a fleshy bag of...flesh... and not the carapace you mention, and his head looks like a claw with the 3 tentacle thingies...

  7. I don't know what everyone is talking about it totally looks like Kog. . .anyway I thought it was funny that he is called "The Mouth of The Abyss" and yet in-game he doesn't eat anything in any of his moves. . .curious.
    I rarely have a problem against this champion. All you have to do is juke a lot and make sure you stay away from his death explody thingy.

  8. Have you seen Kog'Maw Sthor???

    he is worm like, with some rhino/dinosaur characteristics

    THis one is fleshy and gross

  9. Kog looks great!!! I love him and his super awesome long range artillery destruction

  10. And I don't see how you can't tell its Kog, I mean I don't think there is another champion that is a weird fleshy alien thing like him. Good job Jouste :D

  11. Haha, love this, love the caption. "Today it's that slime-shooting fiend Kog'Maw slipping in his own goo! What a fool!"