Monday, June 13, 2011

DH5: 071 -Lee Sin, The Blind Monk

Hooray! A new week of highfives! Here's our 71st!

Looks like its that blind basher Lee Sin! Here he is practicing his sweet moves, totally unaware of the banana peel at the ground ready to ruin everything!

Lee Sin looks pretty good in game. The animations are awesome and he's like 3 feet taller than a lot of the other human characters as well for some reason. His moves make him feel like a super martial artist and his costume apart from being very symmetrical, looks great in game. His other more classic skin is my favorite with the emo bangs, the Tapout shorts, and the tiger tattoos on his arms. This is one character who the fans have been clamoring for for a while and it was great to finally see him hit the field. 

In game Lee Sin is a pretty powerful character, his super kick Ult is awesome for knocking around foes with some well placed separation or some isolation. His mini shield is quite strong and his 2 part strike where he snags right onto the struck enemy is a wicked tool for closing the distance. I haven't played as him too much but I'd like to give him a try for sure. Anyone main this mysterious monk? if you do or have some good stories about him, put on that blindfold and punch some comments out below!

-jouste the drawbarian


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  2. Oh man, Lee Sin!

    From the Fake Spotlight till now, I was always in love with Lee. His skills, though confusing at first glance do set him apart. Having a reverse wither that's AoE is extremely nice for basically every situation. And I find it ironic how all of his skills grant him sight of the opponent it hits.

    I will admit though, you can really tell who plays Lee frequently and who doesn't by how they use their skills. Too many new Lee's spam their skills one after another, not taking advantage of their awesome passive, but all the better to rip them apart at low Energy am I right?

    Awesome job man! Just wondering why his bands and pants are green O.o

  3. My little brother mains Lee, and boy is it aggravating. He's gotten really good and just tears people apart, and then makes fun of how little damage I do in comparison with my "support" champions (like Brand, according to him). But yeah I knew I was in love with this guy as soon as he came out. I've always been partial to monks in video games, and Lee Sin is no exception.

  4. Lee sins Q attack that lets him super kick the enemy he hit before is amazing i love seeing real good lee sins in action.

  5. @Zed:
    I usually simplify the palette because I limit myself for time on these guys. And hell yes I love ripping apart a low energy Lee Sin!

    haha support Brand? hilarious, and I like monks in games as well, I really should give his guy a try.

    Yeah that's for sure. They can really dole out the beats and keep a good distance as well before committing. thanks for the comments!