Thursday, June 16, 2011

DH5: 074 -Sivir, The Battle Mistress

It's That time again! Time for our daily highfive! And this time it's number 74!

It's that deadly dodger Sivir! Sivir's design is a pretty cool one, she comes off as a Xena or other amazonian type with a very cool and large throwing weapon. Her proportions are classically pushed in the old LoL style and her abilities are constantly bouncing around the screen. I drew her here slicing up a turnip and throwing one of her smaller blades.

In game Sivirs can be a real menace. If they can telegraph enemy moves they can use their spell shield at just the right moment and get back some MP as well as take no damage. There aren't very many champions that can push like her, and if she has a teleport or other means of getting to lanes quickly, she can pretty much double push lanes all day. Her ult is a nice steroid that can help friendlies speed up and catch an escape attempt or tactically retreat on their own.. She's squishy sure, but super helpful if played right. Anyone main this boomerang blade babe? if so just slice in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I drew her here slicing p a turning and throwing one of her smaller blades


    And sivir is a bit op, especially because her boomerange ability scales off both ap and ad (or did they change that?) i remember a game that i tried sivir, noone survived my boomerange throw -_-

  2. Heya Jouste, I hope you are happy... I have just gotten into, and subsequently addicted to LoL. I'm getting a few of my animator buddies to give it a go too to bring our productivity to a crawl.

  3. @infinite:
    man way to be my editor thanks! I usually write these up in the morning when my brain hasn't turned on yet. I think her Boomerang blade is still like that and man does that thing hurt.

    @Simon Cottee:
    Oh man, the game is notorious for doing that, mainly because the matches seem short enough that having a couple seems feasible. I wish you and your friends the best of luck! always great to hear about new players!

  4. She looks like she's moving forward, and yet her loincloth is also shooting forwards looking very... erect.