Frequently asked questions. (updated as often as necessary).

Q: Hey Jouste, what do you use to draw your stuff?

A: Well its all digital, I usually draw my lines in Sketchbook pro, and color in Photoshop. My tools are a Cintiq 12wx and for drawing on the run I have a clipboard with printer paper and a 2H pencil. I don't really do sketchbooks because I find I get sick of my own work pretty quickly.


Q: Hey Jouste, Your own characters are pretty silly, where do you come up with your ideas?

A: The way I develop my own stuff varies, sometimes some wordplay will just get me drawing something new while other times i'll just start on a character design and come up with a story later. I have always wanted to have a giant roster of my own characters to play around with in my own universe so that's why I'm constantly making new ones up.


Q: Hey Jouste, what do you do for a living?

A: It's changed a few times but currently I'm a concept designer for a cartoon studio. I spend all day drawing so i can come home and draw some more!