Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DH5: 073 -Rumble, The Mechanized Menace

Alright! the 73rd highfive!

Here We have that robot riding runt Rumble! His war machine is stomping its way towards the fray while Rumble makes some minor adjustments with his wrench. Rumble Is a Yordle, so again I'm not the biggest fan of the things but this one rides in a big robot so that's always pretty awesome and I can forgive him for being such a small jerk. O'm Not sure if Yordles are supposed to look so different but Rumble's facial patterns and fur seem to set im apart from the others. Although  I suppose there's a lot of different varieties of other races so these little vermin should be no different. The Robot looks like it's dealing with a little more complicated tech than the usual affair but it's such a neat design that it's totally forgiven.

Rumble in game is another example of the scary direction that all the newer champions seem to be going towards. Tanky? check, shield? check, speed boost? check, self heal? check. giant ranged ult with slowing and big DoTs? check. the little jerk as like everything. Including basically a Demacian spin that's almost continually on. I do like the heat mechanic but it's frustrating when you are playing an older character against the newer ones like these. It feels like taking on a machine gun with a bow and arrow. Anyone roll with this robot wielding tinkerer? then take out your finest wrench and torque in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I played Rumble, but oddly, my killing streak is failing and now im feeding, i dont know how but i started sucking as Rumble :c

    and why does he look like Badger Teemo?

  2. I think Rumble is hilarious, but yeah all those people who say he's simply OP are being silly. I think for the most part Riot does a pretty good job balancing (although Blitzcrank's grab will always have me calling for nerfs).

    But anyways! I like what I've played of Rumble and I'm diggin' the way you drew his robot! Nice going!

  3. @Infintie:
    haha idk, i guess all Yordles end up looking the same. Did Rumble get a big nerf recently? I know that sometimes screws up my game. Thanks for the comment!

    Yeah his Ult is pretty strong though, so much dammage. Thanks for digging on the robot!

  4. I also find it weird that Yordles look so different. There are human looking ones, cats, squirrels, dogs...