Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DH5: 062 -Teemo, The Swift Scout

Hup two, three, four! It's the sixty second highfive!

Better stay clear of those bushes, it's that mushroom dropping doom-bringer Teemo! shown here atop one of his nasty creations!

Teemo is a total punk. I've shown my distaste for him in Caveman Udyr Many times and I stand by my decision to dislike everything about him. How can this thing take a hit at all? A minion should be able to massacre this pipsqueak!  he's got a dumb little hat and a blow gun! I mean seriously! In all seriousness I see the draw the small guy has being cute and all but I'm just a fan of the meaner and goofier champs myself. I have never been a fan of these Yordle characters, I'm hoping that the lore takes a dark turn and they become a delicious main food group to all three kingdoms and that will be the end of them.

In game Teemo can be a real mess. I've played against one that I swear had over a hundred mushrooms down on the map and could 1v1 anyone without an exhaust. Damage or hybrid seems to be able to stay deadly and as long as he stays out of any clutches of enemy champions he can deal out some pretty serious damage. Luckily when you finally do grab him he vaporizes like Kleenex. I remember when you'd get gold for killing his mushrooms so at around midgame, your ranged carry would go "Mushroom farming" and buy an oracles and clear the map of enemy shrooms while making tons of money. Anyone a fan of this fierce little fighter? Then blowgun in your comment below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Teemo causes me more rage than even Trynd can provide. Mushrooms ruin ganks, blinding darts ruin duels, Move quick ruins chasing and Toxic Shot ruins running away from him.

    If you add all that in with the aspeed boost from his passive, he is just an ass to deal with.

    Only good thing about dealing with him is that he is extremely squishy. Stun him once or twice and he drops like a fly.

    Also, LoL comic with Lux, Teemo and Singed.

  2. I love to play with him in team, and hate playing against. Most of my chars are ranged carries... I hate his blind dart... but when I'm playing Vlad against him he got no chances.

    Some time ago I was playing Vlad against Twitch and Teemo, I've almost got them, and then they've gone invisible.. but to be sure that I've done everything I could, I wanted to check all the bushes around the place we were fighting with Tides of blood, and the very first bushes have been equal to double kill. They was so mad (UMADBRO?).

  3. @Hiicantpk:
    haha that's a great comic and another good reason for me to not play singed. and i totally agree, he's so fragile that late game he just explodes.

    haha I've done the same thing with mundo's burning agony and some good guessing. it's so awesome when you kill that little weasel with an AoE. thanks for the comment!

  4. WHOA i hate teemo as much as the Next guy, but he does NOT have a stupid hat

  5. can i use that for my background? >_>