Thursday, May 19, 2011

DH5: 054 -Ezreal, The Prodigal Explorer

Alright! It's the 54th DH5!

This time it looks like that mobile missile launcher Ezreal! ready to blink through walls and mystic shot you into pieces!

I'm not too sure where they were going with Ezreal's design. I think I came to the conclusion that he's kind of like a young Indiana Jones with some character from an anime that I've never seen before mixed in or something. Ezreal's proportions always seemed a little off to me for being so even, usually characters are much more varied but Ezreal has some thickness to his boyish frame that looks a little weird to me. Ez always gets a bad wrap for looking a little more feminine than the next champ but I really gotta say that it's the communities fault for being so strangely infatuated with the idea of gender swapping champions from League of Legends.

Ezreal used to be kind of the circuit when the game was shifting to the Poke mechanic. He'd keep you at range, constantly dealing out the damage and then be able to zip out of there no problem with his abilities.I believe there was a point where he was touted as the most powerful character in the game by some high-ranking players. Now though the Meta has shifted and Ezreal just doesn't seem to cut it as much anymore. After seeing some nerfs hit him pretty hard it looks like he'll never tear the map up like he used to. Is anyone an avid explorer like Ez? Then dust off some relics and leave some hieroglyphics below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Jouste, I love you're art even more now! Ezreal, haha one of my fav champs!

    I love his mobility, I always have <5 kills with him, hos mobility is a blessing. Only one nerf was with deleting healing from one of his skills (i dunno which) but now he's ok. AD Ez can kill with his ult as well as AP Ez (I'm playing with AD one). He's extremely mobile but also extremely hard to master (especially AD one) but so fun!

    I love this art except his 'astral' bow... its much bigger and blue in game.. but still, thank you Jouste*!
    If you'll draw Xin Zhao (especially in Vicero skin), I'll be the happiest LoL player worldwide!

    *I know you write you're nickname in low letter (dunno how it's in eng) but I have pretty much respect to you, because you're damn master!

    And as one guy, wrote 'bout his situation with LeBlanc (teleport and then teleport again) I've got same situation (tp from Ez's skill and summoner's Blink). It's pretty cool to be so tricky (?).

  2. I've once played a game against an AP Ezreal who would consistently "1"-shot us by timing his Q,W, and ultimate, to hit in the same time. First he was doing that when we were low on health points, but after a short while he got fed enough that he could kill us from full HP.

    That was probably the most amazing AP Ezreal display I've seen.

  3. Oh god, I remember the weeks of Ezreal being OP.

    Need a support champ? Pick Ezreal

    Need an AD carry? Pick Ezreal

    Need a Mage? Pick Ezreal

    He was the god during the poke/heal/push meta. He could heal with his Essence flux to keep his team sustained forever during pushes because of its insane AP ratio and poke away at you and there was nothing your team could do other then hump your tower.

    If they ever want to bring that heal back, they either need to give it an abysmal AP ratio or remove the attackspeed component to it.

  4. @common:
    awesome! and yeah ez can pull off the double flash shenanigans, man is it frustrating. sounds like you got a pretty good handle on Ezreal! good to hear and thanks for the comment!

    Dude that sounds like a pretty skilled player. holy cow I'm glad i didn't run into that guy. Thanks a ton for sharing!

    haha yea hi remember those days as well, there was always an ez in every game and he could do pretty much everything. I HATED the poke and push meta, I like that there's at least more commitment now in games as far as team fights go. thanks for the comment!