Monday, May 16, 2011

DH5: 051 -Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

Zounds! our 51st highfive! How gnarly is that!?

Looks like it's that nihilistic nightmare Nocturne! Better keep that night light on and hope that you didn't eat anything weird before going to bed or this guy is totally going to get you!

Nocturne's Design is pretty neat for something incorporeal. I'm a big fan of his lobstery battle-blades and I like how he swoops around the field doing all sorts of scary crap. His abilities really mess with the game itself by making it super dark across the whole map and leaving creepy trails as well as scary tendrils that grasp onto the enemy. All in all a very flashy assassin.

In game Nocturne is a newer champion, so he's got those kind of swiss-army abilities that do like 4 things at once and he is just overall a lot more flashy than the older champions. I know that updating the older champs would be an arduous task but sometimes taking some classic guys and fighting the newer guys with all those super combined abilities feels like your attacking a laser gun with a wooden spear. Nocturne's Ult alone is pretty much a global debuff that can lead into an easy kill if he's positioned right. Is anyone a fan of this spooky slaughterer? drop us a line with your jungle strats or experiences! or even if you just have a comment on his crazy design!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Awesome job!

    I don't play Nocturne, as I continued to procrastinate during the free week, but my girlfriend picked her up and after leaving a rut we've been in for a week or so, we make quite a terrible team!

    For some reason, however, being Nocturne is a death sentence in teamfights. I'm usually a carry Melee DPS, Lee Sin as of late, but every time a fight breaks out she's the first to be focused down, even as I punch them in the back of the head. It boggles the mind to see why she's such a problem.

    Not to demean her as such, she is quite a good Nocturne, but is she really that much of a problem?

    Whatever, Awesome job man!

  2. Ooooh, Nocturne!! Yay!! <3

    Like Zed said, I've been playing him a lot lately, with his Void skin (the better of his two alternate skins, imo). I absolutely adore playing him. The thing about him, though, is that he's pretty squishy, if the player doesn't build much me. He still does a lot of damage, even after the recent nerfs, so he gets focused pretty quick in team fights (in my experience).

    He's also kinda silly. "Swim in terror" indeed.

    (Also, this is Zhanael, but LiveJournal wasn't playing nice apparently. Grr.)

  3. Honestly, most of the things I know about Noct are from watching streams.

    I know that he is currently one of the best junglers, His ultimate is one of the most annoying things I have ever seen (Only Teemo is more annoying) and his armoured skin is pretty awesome.

    Not too many people choose him in 3v3, since it is a lot less jungle dependant.

    (Btw, I am "Zach R", I found my old blogspot account)

  4. @Zed:
    Yeah i usually see Nocturne's vaporise in a team fight as well. The real mean Nocs that I've seen are just always ready to ult a gank everytime that damn thing is off cooldown. sounds like you and your girl make a pretty dangerous team! thanks for stopping by! i love hearing from you two!

    Boo on LiveJournal! Yeah my friend plays him but end's up getting more assists than everything. it's also his style to pick up an early banshee's so he can hang around more. thanks for sharing!

    Hey Zach! yeah i can see Noc not visiting TT too often. but man is he ever a mean jungler. that fear tether thing and spell shield makes him a lot tougher than a lot of people consider. i've seen some hilarious turret work with him and his fear ;D

  5. When it comes to Nocturne as a jungler id rather just go with Olaf who is probably in my opinion the best jungler in the game. . .Nocturne's ult is sweet don't get me wrong but I find that it ends up getting you killed more often then not, and his passive takes to long to recharge when your jungling for my comfort. . .I believe Riot should take some more time to update and rework their older champs lest they all become inviable compared to the newer "hip" champions.

  6. man that's awesome that you still rock olaf in the jungle, i never see that action.

    and i totally agree that they need to give some of the older champs a little bit of a makeover.

    thanks for dropping a comment pal!