Thursday, May 26, 2011

DH5: 059 -Heimerdinger, The Revered Inventor

Holy cow! It's the 59th highfive!

Better put on your thinking cap because it's that irritating inventor Heimerdinger! Here he is taking a few important measurements while he hides behind his trusty turret!

As much as I can't stand ANY yordle character, I do like the Looney Toons styling of Heimer. His rickety turrets that flop down on the field are hilarious and his arcing bombs look great when exploding all over the enemy. His massive amount of hair has led to some interesting skin directions and his character is pretty fun to just look at overall. The tech of the earlier champs like Heimer tends to look a little cheap but it eventually grew on me.

I remember when nobody built the turrets on Heimer and it was all about AP stacking and those damn rockets. man was that ever a raw deal. Those things would track like three enemies at once and just decimate them with that brutal AP ratio. Luckily now he plays more to his initial design but that still makes him one annoying character to deal with. he can hold a lane forever and eventually just push it apart. So is there any fan for the frazzled fan-dangler? be sure to take out your commenting wrench and torque out a few words below! We always enjoy hearing  from you!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. He is fun to have as a teammate on TT.
    His turrets are like attacking wards, which makes controlling the middle of the bottom lane even easier.
    The rockets are pretty good, although it is annoying when they target minions instead of that champion at 50 HP running from you.
    His "Arcing bombs" are pretty good, but the projectile speed is pretty slow. Any spell that blinds though can be extremely annoying.

  2. @Hiicantpk:
    you really add a lot of insight to TT, I barely play that map at all anymore so it's awesome to hear about the champs behaviors on it.

    I could imagine having that turret set up in TT to be pretty awesome. thanks for the comment!

  3. Well yeah, I guess I do. Since I only play on TT (excluding Co-op games), I notice a lot of things about the characters that are not usual.

    EG. Team composition doesn't matter, just go 2 tanky DPS and sona and win.

  4. How about the days when he used to be able to place six turrets? You never wanted to walk into brushes...he was the original brush monster.

  5. man i remember that, there sure was some hilarious face checks back then!