Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DH5: 058 -Taric, The Gem Knight

Our 58th DH5 is here! Hooray!

It's everyone's favorite gem-encrusted champion Taric! looks like he lost a couple lustrous stones on that last battle!

Taric's desgin always made me laugh a bit. I like the idea that gems are magical, and the more un-cut gems I cram onto my person; the more magical I become. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason to the placement of the blue jewels that don his armor, but rest assured he's gone all out. The weapon and shield combo isn't used too much in League of Legends which is kind of a shame because it's so classic. Tarics abilities and cheesy voice work make him a really solid design and a fun character to draw. I've already tackled him before but need to complete the whole roster!

Taric was probably one of the first champions that I played and kind of "Got". It was back in beta so support and healing in general was pretty powerful and his shatter was one of the coolest abilities ever. Now he doesn't really fit my playstyle too much but I remember having loads of fun as this guy with his awesome stun and strong heal. You could go a little crazy and build him attack speed and damage with some funny results and now it's still pretty great to run with a Taric if your a Sion and looking for a lane partner. Anyone a big fan of this fabulous foe-smasher? take your finest gem-comment and socket it below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Duuuuuuuuude. I really like this picture. I really like Taric, too. Taric was the second champ I ever played, and the first one that I really enjoyed playing at the time. I drew a manly-looking version of Taric before as a part of my "Silly LoL Fanart" thread. It was a lot more detailed than the rest, so I enjoyed drawing it.
    Anyway, I haven't commented on your stuff in a while, but I've still been keeping up. This one just felt necessary to comment on. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oh Taric, one of my most hated bot-foes.

    Seriously though, Co op vs AI games vs MF Taric Top lanes were hell for me when I just started. Taric Stuns, MF uses Let it Rain and then her Ult and I was dead.

    Now he is more of a minor nuisance when I face him in co-op vs AI (because no one plays him on TT LOL), as I know he is a support character and without him his teammates aren't as good.

    Also, I faintly remembering during the Vayne life preview that Phreak said Taric was a very good counter to Vayne, with his long range stun.

  3. @Treelub:
    hey thanks a bunch for the comment! Taric was pretty much my second character as well. I think it's lame how much forum flak he gets, he's a fun champ to play!

    haha yeah Taric-Bot will mess you up! Yeah any guy with a Tracking stun can really mess up Vayne. I love hard countering that jerk with an AP sion ;D. thanks for the comment!

  4. Taric is one of my mains. I sort of enjoy his somewhat passive playstyle versus the more active playstyles of other supports.

    But I like being fabulously fashionable while I'm kicking butt.