Friday, May 20, 2011

DH5: 055 -Tryndamere, The Barbarian King

Crabthief Fridays along with the 55th DH5! how fancy!

It would seem that crabthief has struck again! this time digging deep into the pockets of a champion and stealing their items! Looks like Tryndamere has had his brawlers glove taken from him! And he's not very happy about it!

Tryndamere is a barbarian king which pretty much makes me like his design by default. I love the oldschool armor and the giant sword with the barbed blade. The blue orbs kind of confused me as they look a little mystical and I tend to like my barbarians like Conan, who's very superstitious of magic and would much rather use a sturdy axe over an enchanted blade. Tryndamere has gone through a few aesthetic overhauls as far as splash screens have gone, and he now looks totally battle ready and prepared to take on anything. I'd need to be corrected but I believe that Marc Merril's Tryndamere was an Everquest character of his? either way I think that that's awesome that they've carried over their avatars from previous games, almost like they've gotten digitally resurrected!

Oh Tryndamere, when you see him in a game it's like a giant clock is hovering over your head. You are thinking "Ok, if this guy gets his hands on some late game gear there is NOTHING that we are going to be able to do.". Tryndamere has some really awesome spells and some cool synergy with moves, the idea that he gets to be completely immune to damage for 5 seconds is a horrifying thought and I've seen some Trynds whirl right into a group of 4 folks and just start killing everything. Is anyone a barbarian main? or just a big fan! sharpen up your giant sword and carve in a few comments! Thanks everyone!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I remember a game I queued with a friend when we both thought we were screwed because we were almost exclusively a melee team. I was Malphite, my friend was Sona, then we had a Poppy, Warwick and a Tryndamere.

    The other team? Ashe, Caitlyn, Zilean, Malphite, Warwick. Yeah we were so sure we were doomed.

    We were forced to let Tryndamere solo top while WW jungled. When I saw that his opponent was Zilean, I thought he was done. But instead, not only does Tryn score first blood against that Zilean, he gets himself a nice kill lead over the next 15 minutes.

    >.> That Tryndamere became a nightmare for the rest of the game, just running it and instantly killing any squishy that tried to take him on. The Barbarian King is one champion that once he gets going, it is really hard to stop him.

  2. Zed and I will sometimes run King Trynd and Queen Ashe, and boy are we a terror when we do! I smack 'em with an Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Zed smacks them with nonstop crits while I turn them into pincushions and they're very, very dead.

    A Tryndamere played correctly is unstoppable. Legendary, even. :3

  3. There have been soooo many games where me and skallywag have starved trynd of xp leaving him at lvl 4 while we sit happy at lvl 7, stomp the tower and leave. Only to have him flying into us 5 mins later killing people who outgear him. His ult should be 4 secs at most xD

  4. Ooh, this guy really makes me rage ingame. Too many times have I tried to kill him but when he pops his ultimate and kills me with his bonuses and then heals before he dies. Very annoying.

    Plus while he is in Undying Range, all the buffs he gets are crazy making it very hard to kill him if he keeps attacking.

  5. @HotShot/Midnight:
    Man that sounds like an awesome game. I hate Trynds in the hands of skilled players, there's like nothing you can do! I love winning with all melee teams though. thanks for the comment!

    You got that right! Man that does sound like a deadly combo. thanks for the comment!

    Yeah that ult needs to be something else, its just so long! and dude I'm sorry about the last game i played with you, was not at the top of my game. (I believe I was at the bottom of the toilet by the end of it).

    so much rage! I get really mad when i play against strong tryndameres. I guess we are on the same page! thanks for the comment!