Monday, May 30, 2011

DH5: 061 -Veigar, The Tiny Master of Evil

Our 61st highfive! hooray!

It's that pipsqueak powerhouse Veigar! Armed to the teeth with ability power and ready to rip down casters and anyone foolish enough to be stacking AP!

Veigar is an obvious homage to ViVi or maybe the Black Mages of Final Fantasy in general. He has the strange staff top that a lot of the classic League of Legends characters have and a very cool giant hand that constantly twitches with power. He walks really hilariously and his spells look great. All in all a pretty fun design with some neat things that bring some originality to a mage character. When dark matter comes hurtling down to the arena floor, everybody pays attention to this tiny terror.

In game if theres a Veigar who knows whats up and can pick on someone with a large amount of AP then the other team has their work cut out for them. Veigar can build up that baleful strike and just destroy characters. His event horizon can lock down multiple foes and I've seen a few use flash as an initiator and really tear things up. A super squishy but mean little guy on the battlefield, he may take a bit to get used to but holy cow can he deal out the magical beats. Anyone a fan of this miniature magic user? charge up that chaotic energy and blast in a comment below!

-jouste the drawarian


  1. Veigar is the one caster I hate to see on the opponent's team when I am playing a caster (or AP Shen, LOL). Event horizion has gotten me killed I don't know how many times.

    Dark matter is easy to dodge if you can see the shadow, but if minions are walking over it, its a lot harder to dodge.

    His passive gets to be soo good in the lategame. He gets like 200 free AP if he is good at lasthitting, and that makes his skills hurt, A LOT.

    I am just glad he is less powerful against non-ap champions like Xin or AD Swain. It is also useful to have blinks that can get you out of EH, so if he tries to run with it, the spell is on cooldown and its pretty easy to take him down.

  2. Yes! You finally drew my main, Veigar. :) I remember first playing him and constantly getting targeted since he's so squishy. Now I've learned how to correctly land my Dark Matter and can usually two-shot enemy mages if I'm farmed properly.

    Another great pic!

  3. @Hiicantpk:
    AP shen!? can that work!? and I've been hearing some pretty awesome things about Ad Swain, just how viable is he? thanks for sharing!

    hey awesome! I knew someone out there would main this little guy! glad you like him and thanks for sharing!

  4. @Jouste:
    Well, AP Shen takes advantage of the good AP ratios on his Vorpal blades and his ultimate. You get items that give you both AP and Tankiness like Rod of Ages or Hourglass.

    AD Swain on the otherhand isn't really a serious build. It is a for-the-lulz build that you shouldn't use unless you are against people of severely lower skill.

  5. He looks awesome- I love his claw hand. Nice work-