Friday, May 13, 2011

DH5: 049 -LeBlanc, The Deciever

Let's try this 49th Highfive again!

Blast it all! the Blogger Gods deleted my previous post on LeBlanc! now I msut attempt to re-type what was said before! Here goes!

I've never been a fan of Leblanc's design. The whole "Sexy caster" thing seems to be trying to score high with the lowest common denominator. I like some of the geometry used on her acessories but she's pretty much the typical League of Legend girl with pink skin and a staff. Casters have always fascinated me because they can wear anything and still be powerful. They don't need layers of armor of a giant weapon in order to do their job. LeBlanc is a fine example of a mage in my opinion, just not a very interesting one.

In early game noone can ruin someone's day like LeBlanc. She can dash in and out super fast abd basically deal damage as if she was right beside you only to disappear before any retaliation shows up. I'll always remember playing against her when she runs a flash as well, so she can basically triple blink away from ANY attempt at a gank! Luckily once you get some MR and the game picks up you can catch up to her power curve. Is anyone a fan of this femme fatale? I know I lost a comment previously due to the Blogger headache but please post again! I loved it!   

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I just hate to play against her on mid (especially when I'm playing squishy ones like Cait or Ezreal). With her 'blink' + 'blink back' she's the most annoying mid lane enemy I've ever played... I don't have mid lane champ with stun, so I can't counter her, and that's why it's so hard to play against her.
    And I think that there are plenty of ways to find out which LeBlanc is real (as well as Shaco's clone), so skilled player (I'm not so much skilled, but still I'm use to do it) can easily counter that part of LeBlanc.

    I like wide cape of your LeBlanc, but you've missed a trousers-like part of her outfit (one throuser-sleeve? I dunno how to say that). But still, as always your art rocks.

    PS. Still waiting for Cait trying to 'Ace in the hole' the crabthief that's trying to stole one of her hextech gadgets!

  2. My friend loves playing Leblanc and he told us a few hilarious stories that happened:

    1) He managed to kite a Tryndamere through two towers and prevent him from ulting by keeping the poor guy silenced the entire time. Then as the kicker, he killed him. The Tryndamere was not happy to say the least...

    2) He was trying to run from two people and he distorted over the wall that leads up from the ramp just to the left of dragon. Of course eager to kill him, they flashed after him. He then simply distorted back and teehee to safety. Much lols were had when he told us that one.

  3. hahaha

    those have got to be the best LeBlan stories that i've ever heard. hilarious, thanks for sharing!

  4. i main leblanc, i love her playstyle...

    i remember one greedy caitlyn who wanted my head when i was coming back to base... i was like 20% health and she was 90%... in 2 seconds i get a kill, DFG -> Q -> R -> E -> W goodbye cait, it was awesome :D

  5. oh man, you are one of those extra crafty LeBlancs! haha strong work!

  6. yeah, something like that, i used to know at least 6 ways to harass/kill with leblanc, or to escape, i escape from singed only using ethereal chains, and the tower eat him, funny times