Friday, May 6, 2011

DH5: 045 -Amumu, The Sad Mummy

Crabthief fridays and the 45th DH5 together at last!

Better bulk up and strap on those merc treads! It's that bawling brawler Amumu! Totally ready to wrap up your whole team in a bandage bombardment!

Amumu is another character that relies a lot on the look of his abilities in order to stay interesting. His appearance is after all just a small character wrapped in green bandages with yellow eyes. Amumu's spells look pretty cool, I'm a fan of his tantrum and despair graphics and when his big yellow cataclysmic ultimate drops you definitely know that your dealing with a pint-sized powerhouse. I suppose that it's a nice balance and lets yo appreciate the effects of the spells on top of a simple character. I've always been a big fan of the more simple designs. Looks like Crabthief got a little personal on this one and has truly upset the small mummy! what a jerk!

In game Amumu can be a real beast. a jungler that can hook shot his way right to an enemy and unleash a team destroying ultimate that turns off everybody in a pretty large radius. Lane Amumu's are a little less crafty and can sometimes be out zoned and harassed. Having a tanky Amumu on your team is usually a lot of fun as you can plan some really big team fights knowing that 2-3 of their champions might not even be able to participate after the mummy unleashes his curse. Anyone a fan of this tiny tank? Bandage toss out some comments and keep that crying crusher zoned!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. My friend recommended me to buy Ammumu when i had a spare 1350 IP. I bought him and tried him out in a co-op vs AI game. I don't know if it was because I didn't jungle, but he didn't seem that powerful in lane. Of course I picked up First blood because bots are retarded, but he just didn't really feel powerful enough for my style. His ult is comparable to galio, AOE damage and escape prevention (one through taunt one through stun) and the damage is decent.

    Maybe someday I will enjoy playing Amumu, but right now I'm going to stick with my mains.

    PS. "Lets go find some friends"

  2. yeah i know what you mean, he's not really my kind of champion either. I usually like having him o my team so i can build phantom dancer mundo and leave the team tie ups to the little mummy.

    recently i've been sticking to my mains a all, must be the elo i'm in but i just feel way to comfortable.

  3. Me and my close friends have never played Amumu i think, and I don't see him in game often. I can't say anything about playing with/against him.
    Oh wait, one of my friends (my neighbor) plays him, but I don't play with him cuz he thinks he's the best in everything etc He's such irritating person xD

    Your Amumu looks a bit exhausted of crying. Maybe taking off all of his bandages would make him happier and scarier?

  4. umm, shouldnt crab theif be dead with Amumu's despair?

  5. @common:
    yeah it's always tricky playing with people that think they are the greatest. and i totally agree with you on the comfort thing. i just get ruined if i'm not rocking my mains right now.

    I suppose that's true, but maybe crabthief has stolen enough items that he has leveled up his defensive attributes!

  6. who is this little crab guy? lol

  7. he's there every friday! he's the crabthief and he steals! D:

  8. I love Amumu. He's pretty much my main. I usually lane with him (because we usually have a more viable jungler on our team) but once you get the right items for him, he can be a great support for your team. I can't count how many times I've saved someone's ass with just bandage toss.

    His ult has won my team many teamfights, and it's good for letting your team escape ganks. I've often turned games around with a good ult placement. It's fun stunning the entire team and watching my carries beat on them.

  9. a supporting amumu! sounds great. that lockdown ult is truly mean, especially against anything melee, because you are usually always in it!

    sounds like you have a handle on that mummy! thanks for dropping by!

  10. Love this one...great humor and use of crabthief!