Friday, May 13, 2011

DH5: 050 -Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover

Crabthief fridays and the 50th DH5 is here!

Looks like that crafty crustacean is at it again! this time thieving from that sassy sniper Caitlyn! Oh no! it's one of her totally practical thigh-belts! whatever will she do without one!?I suppose she sports four for occasions just like this!

Caitlyn is another character design that I'm not the hugest fan of, she's basically the exact build of every 20-something League of Legend girl with a goofy steam-punk hat. She's sporting the Victorian-esque sort of corset thing that comes off as confusing because she's supposed to be some sort of authority figure but it looks like she's on her way to Comi Con as opposed to enforcing the law. Her weapon is pretty interesting but, as I find with a lot of details in League of Legends, gets lost very fast when viewed from so far away. I suppose that the draw to her design is the eclectic approach, but again it just isn't my cup of tea.

In game I'm pretty sure Caitlyn was underpowered upon release and had to get shifted around for her to be viable. I read that people weren't to happy with her not really behaving like a sniper. Her abilities are actually pretty cool, the cupcake trap, the net cannon, and the peacemaker are pretty neat and I like the martyr mechanic of the ult but am pretty sure all Caitlyn players hate it. Any players out there rock the steampunk-sheriff? leave a comment below as our Women Week comes to completion!

-jouste the drawbarian.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

    I could talk, and talk, and talk about how I like to play Cait. She's so fun to play, she has the longest range of normal attack (except for Tristana above 13(?) lvl and Kog'Maw with his skill I think she should have at least Tristana's 18lvl range, but that's my opinion), so you can harass very easily. I'm very grateful to Riot for giving her third trap so it can be used a bit more strategical. The neat is great escaping tool, in 1v1 I think one of the best tools to escape.
    And her ult... On one hand it's pretty cool especially early mid laning, or in 1v1 fights when you know that no one can interrupt it. Still in team fights it's useless... so easy to counter.
    Oh and Peacemaker in connection with attack range it's great harassing tool.
    In side lanes Caitlyn shines too, Cait + bushes + headshot (passive) massive damage and great harassing/farming.
    She has only one disadvantage she's extremely squishy, she has to focus on attack speed and attack damage because without it she is useless, so that's why I think her range should be longer.
    She's my third 6300ipish champion (after Vlad and Ez) and I think that it's a bit too high price, look at other 6300ipish champs, they're much more powerful than Cait.
    But still I love her and I don't regret spending 6300 ip on this pretty girl with long rifle, that tends to think she never misses her target.

    And what comes to your art, I love that her hat is even bigger than it's in game, and covers her eyes, what makes her 'never miss' and whistling stuff (sorry I can't find a word for it even in polish) and all other stuff on her hat. And again, thank you so very, very much!

  2. I just hate it when I have that perfect Cait ult lined up to get me a kill...and a random person on the other team intercepts it. D:

  3. My RL friend mains Cait along with Leblanc. He single-handedly carried a team with me and 3 other baddies on our team.

    I don't know how because I was concerned with myself not him, but he managed to push mid to the inhibitor turret before any other turret went down.

    She is too squishy for me though, can't stand up to much attack. Thats why I play tanky casters though.

  4. The first time I ran Caitlyn was during one of the free weeks. And I have to admit she is a fantastic ranged DPS. I can't even tell you how satisfying it is to have an enemy champ just walk into a champ. I giggle like a ninny every time it happens.

    But I will admit, the second a champion realizes that Caitlyn exists, she is incredibly weak. If you burn through your net, and miss cast flash, you're simply dead and I hate it a lot.

    She's the best Ranged DPS character I've ever played though. So much fun.

    Great job man! I got really excited when I saw this.

  5. Hahaha thigh belts are so not practical. Her gun is pretty interesting though!

  6. @common:
    wow I'm really glad you're happy with the picture! usually people who are big fans of the ladies always have problems with how i draw them haha. thanks so much for your super informative comment! It's great the you shared all that with everyone! someone might even pick up Caitlyn and give her a try after your description!

    Haha yeah i've jumped in front of it a few times to protect my carries. I'ts pretty much a no-go in a team fight!

    Yeah I'm with you, I like the tanky characters, these glass cannons just aren't for me.

    hey great! good points on Caitlyn though, she seems to run out of tricks pretty quick. thanks a bunch for the comment!

    @Peach M: It's ridiculous, I think i can STILL do a whole week of their characters that all have thigh belts, it's like their universal design cure all. I just think it looks ridiculous haha. thanks for the comment!

  7. Ok, I've found out that this funny whistling thing is steam whistle, and one more question, youre from Canada, and you have Steam Whistle beer, is there any connection between beer nad whistle on Cait's hat?

    Also I like the irony that the whistle brings, now it's literally STEAM-punk!

  8. Just one thing.

    I HATE THIS CHICK, both design and in-game.

    I totally refuse to ever use her.

  9. @Jestah25:

    man, I am in the same boat as you, i believe its a very small boat though ;P