Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DH5: 047 - Janna, The Storm's Fury!

The 47th highfive is here!

It's that howling wind storm Janna! always on the move and ready to deal out some devastating tornadoes and support her team through the art of the hurricane!

Yikes where to start, Janna's design seems to be missing a lot in my opinion. Her recent visual updates have helped but I've never really been a fan of the bathing suit magician types. The geometry on her staff is a little confusing and I may be wrong but I believe her original voice acting was changed? Either way, visually Janna is a little on the dull side. Luckily her abilities make a big impression on the map and her floating presence is always a good one to have around. Here she is pushing a kite with her super cool air-powers!

In game Janna is pretty powerful, she's so mobile and she makes everyone else move super fast as well. Her tornado can be cooked and unleashed for big knock up and damage, and her ultimate can move people around the immediate area. Janna tends to fall into the realm of support but I've seen a few that just ruin the other team with very aggressive playstyles. Those kind of champs are always my favorite, the ones that can fill a few different roles depending on  the player. Anyone a fan of this master of the airs? Blast a comment or two below with the first spell you have off of cooldown!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I've only seen 1-2 Jannas at my level of play. That was during free week as far as I know, and they both tried to play support. The games were so long ago that I don't remember the results.

    I also will direct you to this video, showing how Janna can be an anti-support.


  2. haha what an awesome video. thanks for sharing!

    I have seen a lot of Janna's screw up their ult. that one almost looked like it was on purpose though.

  3. The Hurricane likes this lil' hurricane. :D

  4. sweet! hurricane approved! thanks for stopping by Leslie!

  5. Alright! a hurricane approved hurricane! thanks for stopping by!