Monday, May 2, 2011

DH5: 041 -Rammus, The Armordillo

The 41st of the highfives! happy new-week everyone!

Ok. Lets get things rolling and taunting with that armored initiator Rammus!

Rammus is one of the more monstrous looking champions and I'm  a big fan of how he looks. The array of back spines, his hunched over defensive curl, and his Sonic power-ball form make me picture him gouging trenches into the ground as he tears around the map. the segmented shell makes for an interesting design and the color choices are a lot of fun. His skins have been pretty slick although mostly just elemental in nature which is understandable because of his unique character geometry.

I'm sure we've all played against a strong jungle Rammus. That guy is a monster out of the river. spinning into you with a knock up and a quick taunt to lead you into his friends. A good friend of mine rocks Rammus and spends mostly the entire game at 20% health, diving into turrets and dragging foes out into he open to get crushed by the team. A super powerful tank and a great initiating character that can also turn on the tremors and melt towers down in no time. Anyone a big fan of this scaly spinner? Comment your spiny stories and thoughts below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I tried rammus once or twice in co-op vs Ai games, and even though having 881 speed (ghost+powerball Yespls) is hilarious, he just doesn't really fit my style. All of his attacks are very close range, 2 or 3 of them being melee range (and his ult being short range too). I like to be able to harrass from afar, and that is why I prefer Shen to Rammus when it comes to picking tanks.

    Could also be that i hate jungling though. Anyways, well done on the drawing, and looking forward to the next one.

  2. I've never played Rammus, and haven't seen any jungle ones... But one thing is obvious, when I play Caitlyn, Ashe or Twisted Fate against Rammus I'm obviously dead... Just have to change my build and stacking more armor pene and life steal... But I love playing with Rammus in one team, his taunt is great (but I still think Shen's is better if we talk only about skill itself).

    I love how you've drew Rammus' shell it looks really great (:
    You're doing great job! Keep on!

  3. @Zach r:
    yeah his range is really tight, which is probably why his moves are so powerful, you need to really close that distance. good call on the harassing with shen point and thanks for the comment!

    i think rammus has a stronger taunt because it wrecks champion's armor on top of being longer, but shen's is more practical cause it can shut down multiple guys. great points and thanks for the comment!

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  5. Awesome! Rammus was the first champion I've ever played in LoL (ahh memories...) and I love the way you drew his shell over his eyes. He's the first champion that comes to mind when I think of a BEEFY TANK champ. It's also so satisfying powerballing into 2 or 3 guys knowing they can hardly make a dent in my health.

    Another awesome pic! :)

  6. @coolkirby4:
    yeah he was the first guy that visually fit the role for me as well. and it sounds like you know what you're doing with a a rammus! definitely the ones i love playing with, stick right into the center of that team fight and watch them all scatter!

    thanks for the comment and i'm glad you like the picture!

  7. I personally love to lane with rammus, his ult plus Mundo's Cleaver and Burning agony equals team kill with just the two of us. . . No one escapes from Mundo and Rammus both!

    Having said that. . .I am surprised that I have never actually played as him. . .I guess I just miss him every time he is free.

  8. Ok... (see what i did there?)

    Like most people, i lke how his eyes are covered (like some drill seargent) and my first character was Warwick, but Rammus was my first nemesis ( i had one heck of a first week, from the Warwick,Rammus, Kog Maw and Rammus was free in that week)

    And on Rammus, one of my favorite items to get is Rylai's Crystal Staff, more health and power to his tremor, especially the slow.

    One slick move i did with Rammus, was chasing a enemy, but one guy wanted to block my sonic ball, my finger twitched and flashed past him and claimed the kill on who i was chasing :3

  9. @Sthor
    oh man mundo and rammus can wreck a lane! I do like rammus but my friends were always so much more stronger with him it was silly for my to try and i never got around to it. thanks for the comment!

    yes! flashball! i love it when rammus' zipthrough guys and nail the squishy that's tryign to escape behind their friends. I love it when flash is used as an initiator. I never thought of the crystal scepter but yeah his tremors must become super powerful with the extra slow. what a first week to start playing!
    thanks for the comment!

  10. That is what I was thinking about. Shen's taunt is far more practical, as you said it shuts down more opponents (does Rammus' taunt affect only one target?), but it allows you to escape, even move a lil' bit faster (but it's less important), I dunno what range has Rammus' taunt but Shen can help from some distance. Of course, I can't not mention ult+taunt combo, which is just insane, in case of saving teammates' live.

  11. yeah rammus effects only one guy but it effects them really long and really hard by breaking down htier armor and stuff. you have some really good points with shen's taunt being more of a defensive tool and rammus' being more offensive.

    and yeah the shen-ult clutch taunt save is awesome.

  12. Oh Rammus. <3

    I think the funniest thing I ever pulled as Rammus was killing both (fairly stupid) Ashe and (extremely stupid) Yi with Thornmail + Tremors.

    It was so sad that I almost felt bad saying "LOL" in the allchar.


  13. @LonesieKarp
    hahaha yeah i love getting thornmail on my tougher champs and watching enemies ruin themselves on it. that must of been hilarious seeing those two drop. you sound like a pretty considerate player to not be calling them out on allchat, good for you ;D