Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekender vol. 010

Some old-school archery gets drawn into action!


Alright! getting into the double digits of highfiving!

Last week was another busy one. I had some great meet-ups with some very cool people and am getting really excited about some future projects. I always have a habit of taking on way to many projects, recently I haven't even thought off picking up a new game (I bought portal 2 but haven't even torn into it yet). I can maybe snag a match or 2 of league but I'm just always finding something else to be working on.

Doing fast stuff like the DH5s has been really fun and to be honest I never thought I would be getting this many done. So many times I've proven to myself how great I am at starting something and how lousy I am at finishing. I think if I approach this project as always starting then I'll be  able to get a lot of it done.

So everyone have an awesome week and i'll be getting back to you all soon! next week will be all the ladies of LoL! Well not all of them but all 5 will be females so wish me luck because nobody likes my girls!

Oh and just because I haven't linked anything for a while, do yourself a favor and if yo appreciate games at all check out the extra credits series on the escapist. It's amazing and super cool.

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Frugal Spaceman got a crossbow eh? Seems like a familiar weapon *hint hint Vayne release soon hint hint*

    (I know these weekenders don't have anything to do with LoL, just something I noticed)

  2. that's actually a good point Zach, I do these weekender sketches in like 20 ins so i guess the vayne release snuck into my head!

  3. I don't play LoL, i guess i should start, so these Weekender's are my favorite of the week!