Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DH5: 052 -Shaco, The Demon Jester

Alright! the amount of cards in a deck AND our next highfive!

Ward those bushes and try and keep a straight face! It's that killer comedian Shaco! Ready to jam a twisted joke right into your stomach!

Shaco's design is pretty balanced with the majority of everything aside from color being mirrored across the character directly. I am a fan of his over sized weapons and pushed proportions. I suppose you could argue that he is a little generic looking but the whole killer clown is a fun angle to play with with a roster this crazy. His abilities aren't too flashy but they get the job done and he gives off this haunting aura that makes other players happy to not be dealing with him.

In Game good Shaco's can end them pretty fast. Sunfre Shaco used to be a popular build because when you'd split in half the effects would carry over to the clone and you could really dole out the damages just in an AoE. A good Shaco jungler can set up brutal ganks from a bush or nest together some jack in  the boxes and lead enemies into a brutal surprise. I could never get the hang of this guy down but have seen some really strong players on streams and stuff that know everything there is to know about using this creepy clown, and it's brutal. His deceive has made me want to put my fist through my computer on more than one occasion and some teams can just build around setting up Shaco ganks and win by the 20 minute mark. A powerful champion indeed.  Is anyone a fan of this fearsome fiend? put on your best harlequin suit and drop us off some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I only have 2 words to say about this champion.

    **** HIM!

  2. This has got to be the best rendition of Shaco I have ever seen! Kudos mate!!

    Shaco along with Dr. Mundo and Nasus are my mains and I love them all.

    In some ways Shaco goes where he pleases more the Mundo lol!

  3. I just finished playing a game with Shaco. The only thing I don't like about Shaco is how much he depends on his team so that he can do all sorts of crazy stuff and casually eviscerate his enemies. I've lost more than once because all the lanes were playing safe and the enemies were constantly 100% HP (and to boot, they had jungler for me to feed on (though I presume I would've failed that a bit, because, after all, I'm rather new to Shaco)). I love the various ways you can itemize on Shaco: enemy team tanky? Get bloodrazor. Not so tanky? Get IE, or Triforce. Enemy team seems to fear you and Tryndamere enough as to get a Thornmail each? Go AP.

  4. Let me correct that: "(and to boot, they had NO jungler". I must not have been paying attention, silly me.

  5. I've watched a video or two where you would stack all of your jack-in-the-boxes in a bush while building huge AP, and whenever an opponent checked the bush, the JitB would pretty much instantly kill them.

  6. But that involves a lot of sit-there-stack-boxes-do-nothing-useful; I cannot condone such behavior.

  7. Here is the video I was talking about.


  8. @HotShot/Midnight:
    I couldn't agree with you more!

    haha good point! a decieve can cut ight through a jungle wall! glad you like the pic!

    wicked points on his versatility! and yeah it sounds like you need your pals to whittle the enemies down for him to really shine. thanks for the comment!

    hahaha what a hilarious video, the make it rain movement de-buff stacking on the fear made it so brutal. my favorite one was right in the middle lane. like how long did he have to stack those things there? must of had a pretty strong push going!