Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DH5: 057 -Ryze, The Rogue Mage

Sweetness! Our 57th highfive! How shocking!

BRRRZZZAT! Sounds like it's that lightning-based lunatic Ryze! Ready to deliver bolt after bolt of electrical eradication!

Ryze may have belts all over his legs but i'm a fan of his design anyways. I love the idea of spell books and giant scrolls and the more you have of them the more powerful the character would be. I like Ryze's atmosphere, he seems calm and collected but behind hat demeanor you get the feeling that theres an unbelievable wave of destruction just crackling to escape out of his enchanted fingers. The tribal runes all over his body are like magical scarification and add another layer of runic savagery to this already imposing character design. 

In game I don't normally take on the role as a caster but I've seen enough to be able to tell when a Ryze is unbridled and decked out in gear.  He's been re-worked a bit which is always interesting in League of Legends on the rare occurrence that it happens, but he always seems to remain a strong ability power based champion. I've faced and have played with some very strong Ryzes, ones that would take flash as an initiator and use it to maximize the destructive spell flux and rune prison and then explode the rest of the enemy apart with an overload. While he unleashes all this power he's usually activating desperate power, gaining a ton of spell vamp and making all those spells cause AoE. Anyone a fan of this shocking soothsayer? Read some runes and channel out some comments below! It's always great hearing from everybody!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Awesome job man!

    I have to say, I recently got Ryze and seeing this highfive makes me happy :3

    To me, Ryze is the penultimate caster. With his passive you're not forced to build CDR, even though you probably should, and what's also amazing is that Overload and Runic Prison scale up with Total mana, making building AP Early game not so much an issue as stacking Mana.

    Whatever, awesome stuff man!

  2. Hey! i just realized what these are from!

    if u ever want to play hit me up!

  3. Ryze is a very fun caster to play. He's similar in playstyle to Annie, ie. a mid-range brawler, but with more sustained and measured casting.

    He also ends up fairly beefy with a mana build and is a huge menace to squishies. Ryze is kind of like an AP version of Tanky DPS.

  4. @Zed:
    Hey great! I actually really like you rdescription of the champ and am thinking about giving him a try to fill in my caster slot! thanks for the tips!

    @draken korin404: man it only took 57 drawings before you figured out it was LoL? man I must be losing my touch!

    @Jack G:
    another great sell on the Ryze! sounds like my kind of caster! thanks a bunch for the comment! I'll toatally try him out now!

  5. lol no i just started playing league im pretty new to it