Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekender vol. 013

Swinging into action on extension cords, it's the thirteenth weekender!


Another busy busy week. Between work and side projects I've barely had any time to actually sit down and enjoy drawing. There was a great post from Monster Brains that showed a bunch of old VHS monster movie covers. It really made me feel nostalgic, I always saw these Horror VHS covers growing up and began making up how the movies would be inside my head. I found out quickly that a very cool cover can become a very disappointing movie.

But I still find so much potential in the damn things, I remember going through tons of video rental places in the used bin and finding solid gold in the form of monstrous covers. I would always make up what would happen in the movie in my head to save myself the disappointment of watching another bomb, it was really inspiring stuff and probably a good exercise.

So everyone have an awesome week! and lets get some more highfives done up!

-jouste the drawbarian

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