Friday, May 27, 2011

DH5: 060 -Maokai, The Twisted Treant

Timber! It's Crabthief Fridays alongside our 60th DH5! Big thanks to Cycrum co. creator of Tales from the Tarpit for the idea!

 A twisted treant tank Maokai gets his sapling stolen by that cunning crustacean! I'm not sure you really want that little guy crab, plans like this might end up blowing up in your claws!

Maokai has some great asymmetry happening in his character design. A giant, shield like wedge of an arm along with a hulking head and lumbering movement. His saplings are hilarious and are animated extremely well and he's over all a fun and intimidating champion to look at. I only wish that he kept some of his accessories that were around in his initial concept art but his skins look amazing and make up for that shortcoming. His palette also seems to have very little variance or contrasting colors so a lot of the details end up muddling together.

In game Maokai's are a pretty sweet deal, at least as far as he ones I've had on my team. I'm not sure where he falls into now but having that great AoE area to fight in and a solid stun and LoS sapling  for harass makes him a pretty cool package for tanking and support. I'm not too sure how strong his passive is but I'm sure it helps him during the laning phase with that little bump of healing. Is anyone a fan of this wooden warrior? Rig your saplings to explode with comments and toss them below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I have onle seen him in 1 or 2 games, and that was during free week.
    When I first went against him, I had no clue what his ultimate did. Then I died.
    I only found out after my friend told me about what it does, and now I realise how powerful it is.

    Also, the saplings are hilarious.

  2. I love Maokai! I knew I wanted to buy him as soon as I saw his concept art, although I agree that his final splash art and model lost a little of what made him so cool. But yeah, Hiicantpk, nobody ever seems to play him except me, which is too bad because he makes one awesome off-tank, and picking up random kills with saplings is one of the funniest things you can do in LoL.

  3. Making me consider giving League a try! These are fantastic.

  4. @Hiicantpk:
    eah that ult is pretty wicked for team fights and can save a lot of people.

    haha yea hthose sapling kills are hilarious! cool to hear that you play him all the time, he's kind of dropped off the radar.

    @Simon Cottee:
    hey thanks a lot pal! I love your artwork, very very cool.