Monday, May 9, 2011

DH5: 046 -Katarina, The Sinister Blade

Our 46th highfive is here!

Let's stab out the first ladies of LoL week with that killer Katarina!

Katarina is a pretty neat looking character. She's totally decked out in darts and blades and her hair becomes very cape like in game. She's gota swashbuckler vibe that totally works and her spiky braclets add another layer of dangerousness to her already mean physique. Her abilities are pretty much ninja stuff which is okay but I'm still looking for another Poppy kind of character that can crush foes with brutal strikes, like a she hulk kinda character or something. Kat's still cool though and a pretty big player favorite. 

In game Kat has been shifted around power wise for a bit, she becomes super strong when working with a team that can maximize the power of her death lotus ultimate and as long as she can't be hard stunned or interrupted she'll usually be scoring tons of kills. Plus when her damn Ult kills somebody the cooldown like goes away and she can do it again! what's with that!? with bouncing blades, healing de-buffs, and extra gold and CDR on kills Katarina can snowball out of control pretty quickly if she isn't kept in check. Any fans of this cunning killer? throw down some daggers in the comments below and let her know you care!

-jouste the drawbarian.


  1. I've had some annoying times dealing with her ult.

    3v3. One of my teammates is defending bottom tower against 2 opponents, doing pretty well while the opponent Kat is pushing top to the tower. Me and my ally try to gank Kat right out of range of the tower. I get there about 5 seconds before my ally, and I am killed pretty quicky by her ult combined with her other skills. She backs off for a couple of seconds when my ally arrives. She then attacks my ally and uses her ult again.

    My ally starts screaming out "Hacker! HACKER!" because he didn't know about her ultimate.

    She is def annoying, and if fed she is really hard to stop, but if your allies are doing their jobs you can shut her down pretty easily.

  2. yeah I totally agree, she's just one of those characters that you can't really let get out of hand.

    Man i never even though of her on twisted, that must of been a real pain for sure. I remember a stacking levi's and mejai's Katarina that kept eating our TF over and over and over again, the match was all her D:

  3. I totally love how did you presented Kat! Her eyes seems to say 'Taste my bouncing blade, and forget 'bout healing' *shunpo**death lotus* 'with whom have I spoke?'

    When I played her for the first time, I though she is not 'my style' and I can't play her (that time I was playing ranged spell casters), but my friend forced me to play her once again in custom game, and I've fallen in love with her skills. I always have one problem, I start my ult to early and instead of tons of kills I usually have tons of assists :D
    I hate playing against Kat with squishy champs (Cait, Ezreal) because I even can't notice when she killed me.
    But playing Kat is easy if you know when to strike, to evade stuns, silences etc. And you have to know if you can attack current target or you'll get f*cked.

    And again, I love your Kat, and can't wait to see moar, and moar, and even moar :D

  4. I really hate fighting Kat one on one. Death Lotus makes her one hell of a duelist.

    Playing Renekton, however makes dueling her a battle of cooldowns. And it's an amazing experience.

    Awesome job!

  5. @common:
    thanks so much! She was a lot of fun to draw. It sounds like you have a good handle on the champ as well. I recently played against a very "new" Kat it seemed. she would do her moves at the weirdest times, it was really unnerving and confusing.

    that sounds like a very cool fight! I'd like to see that some time! thanks for the comment.

  6. These are great! You can totally draw ladies. I'm super impressed with your regular updates and you've inspired me to draw more than ever! Thanks, Drawbarian!

  7. @common:
    hey awesome! I'm glad you like the Kat drawing. I am always a little awkward when drawing the ladies. Good points on Katarina though, I love shutting her up mid-ultimate with Sion's cryptic gaze!

    That cooldown battle sounds like it would be really awesome to see! And you are absolutely right about the 1v1 with a skilled Kat player, she can get all over your business really easily.

    @Peach M:
    Awesome! Good to hear that you'll be slaying out tons more art! It's what being a Drawbarian is all about!