Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DH5: 042 -Fiddlesticks, The Harbinger of Doom

Hooray for forty two highfives!

Hear that sound from the bushes? get ready for a crowful demise because it's none other than Fiddlesticks the super scary spell slinger!

I've always liked scarecrow characters and fiddles is no exception. I've done him before but had to tackle him in the DH5 format!I think my favorite thing about him is his super twiggy legs and how he hobbles around on them while throwing crows at you. His palette is a little simple and could use some more interesting geometry on his model but there's a tendency for most of the original champions to need a little bit of an update when compared to the more recent characters. Fiddles skins are great, my favorite of course is "Fiddle Me Timbers" where he's a drunken pirate, apparently made from drift-wood and peg-legs.

In game I've played with some real mean fiddlesticks. You know the ones that get their ult and are instantly ready to ruin a team fight? And every time that sucker is off of cooldown he's ready to scream in again and fear everything apart with bouncing crows and life drains. I know he's gone through a series of hard nerfs and changes and i think now he's a little underpowered but he'll always be a neat champion with some pretty nifty abilities. I like that he can jungle although I'm not sure if he can do it anymore? Any fans of that stumbling stick man? sharpen your scythe and scrawl in a comment before bouncing crows silence you!

-jouste the drawbarian 


  1. Hah, I love the way you have drawn him here.

    Sometimes he can be annoying in game, but after the recent nerfs less so.

    You used to have to make a split-second decision whether to run from his drain or stay and fight him even though he is siphoning your health. Now after they lowered the healing, it is considerably easier to stay and fight at the lower character levels.

    And his ult combined with another AoE root/taunt/slow (Nevermove, Galio's ult, Nunu's ult) brings massive pain to the enemies, usually resulting in a kill or few.

  2. yeah the healing nerf really brought down his deadliness. I play a lot of AP sion and watching him ult in, barely miss me in the mass of team mates, and burst him into oblivion is hilarious. the healing really hurt how aggressive he can be.

    but yeah the AOE combos are BRUUUTAL! thanks for the comments! glad you liked the pic!

  3. Oh lord. I can't describe how giddy this pic makes me. Ive been playing Fiddle alot lately, I don't really like the nerf though, it made him VERY weak.
    But still being able to turn teamfights makes it worth it. That, and his hilarious running animation.

    Great job!

  4. I have friend who's really insane if it's about to team fight. In combo with my Vlad's Hemoplague and my other friend's Kennen ult, there's no chance for opponents. But even without me playing as Vlad and without Kennen he still can change tides of team fights. Ult + Dark Wind is just epic.

    Unlike you all think, I think that Fiddle is now more balanced, and he isn't underpowered, especially early game and mid, when his crow bounces 5 times at 1st rank, and at 5th rank does almost 50% more damage on each crow and his fear has increased range and reduced mana cost. Combined with lower cooldown gives us still great an really irritating scarecrow which can score triple kills and above :)

    Haha, I love his animation too, he looks like running... scarecrow? :D

  5. i though of Pistachio when i saw his head...

  6. @AdhdAnkan:
    haha love that running animation, glad you like the image and thanks for the comment!

    oh man that combo sound really rough for the other guys. interesting ot hear that you think he's balanced now, i honestly don't know enough about him and have just heard he needs to be played quite a lot differently to really get his game on. thanks a lot for your insight!

    haha yeah i see it too now that you mention it.

  7. Oh lordy, i just bought that timbers skin! He is interesting now... the nerfs are evident, but he also does a little bit more damage late game.

    We must play again soon comrade! Much love.

  8. Oh shit it's oaks!

    the very fiddle player that i was referring too!

    you are a monster with that fiddle! I knew the nerfs would barely effect your game but now that i know your late game is meaner that's very cool.

    and yes! lets get some gaming down soon! thanks for stopping by!

  9. ok, i must say i love this picture, the way it is drawn is sort of like he is charging into battle, pumping his sickle and screaming, and people will be caught off guard by his bizarre tatic

    its my background :D

  10. great! glad to hear it made it onto a background! yes perhapds here he is as AD fiddlesticks, armed with phantom dancers and an infinity edge!