Wednesday, May 11, 2011

DH5: 048 -Soraka, The Starchild

Looks like it's our 48th highfive!

Better be aware that the enemies have a healer on their side! It's that super supporter Soraka! ready to wish away those ailments and drop the very stars onto her foes!

Soraka's design is kind of a satyr like Draeni. I'm a fan of her obscure weapon and her hair is an interesting element that breaks up her back visually. the horn seems kind of superfluous and I decided to opt out of the swirly tattoos just for the sake of simplicity. So again there's some interesting ideas going on here but they may have been simply too many suggestions going into the design of Soraka.

In game Soraka has had to deal with the changes to healing. Healing was once very strong and almost every team had a Soraka or a Taric on it and it would change the tides of battle very often. I remember playing with a mid lane Soraka that would just wreck the other team and use wish straight away to aid in a tower dive or a baiting that was happening halfway across the map. The ability to globally heal your team is pretty powerful, especially when you are organized on vent supremely well. Is anyone a fan of this Starchild? heal up our fingers and post some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I rarely see Soraka outside of Co-op vs AI games. Most people under lvl 30 don't like playing support, so meh.

    I wonder if the negative MR from her starcall can actually put Galio into the negative AP.

  2. I love to have Soraka by my side. She's so powerful, if she's well played. Still, sometimes it's annoying when she's stealing your minions with starcall.
    But still, I love to play with her in one team.

  3. @Hiicanpk:
    Yeah recently she really cant help out that much. I blame the fact that pretty much every new hero has a form of self shielding or health regeneration. with all these swiss army champions they don't need a support if they can support themselves already. That's an interesting note about the galio thing, maybe someone's tested that out?

    @common: Yeah I lane with a soraka the odd time as mundo, and she just keeps dumping the heals on me and I can pretty much go all day. thanks for the comment!

  4. yeah that's an interesting point about the galio MR thing.

    I rarely see her too, but it's interesting when she shows up because the players tend to be a little unorthodox and come up with some interesting strats. I've fought against a solo mid soraka that just wrecked us one time!

  5. Nasus + Soraka = Awsomeness! One time Soraka was with me in a lane and the teams were pretty even. . .at that point we got bush ganked from a fed Warwick and a Rumble and both popped their ults thinking they could down me. . .Wither(on Rumble) + exhaust(on WW) + spirits fire + Fury of The Sands + Soraka heals = basically the owning of both and ended up with WW rage quiting and winning us the game. . .Everyone wants to be on the front lines obtaining all the kills but a good Soraka player can be more valuable then the best of carries. . .Even with her intense nerfing don't underestimate and ignore her you may regret it.