Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DH5: 053 -Irelia, The Will of the Blades

Hooray! It's our 53rd highfive!

I have no idea what you are going to do. It's that crusher of carries Irelia! lets hope you have some hard CC to counting this monster maiden!

I'm not too sure what's up with Irelia's character design. It does look like some changes were made to make her appear more contemporary or human than her initial character concept. So it's my understanding that she's a super martial artist that wields these floating blades around her and can totally take down a ton of people. All of the "Ionian" characters are starting to have obvious similarities in theme, it's interesting that it appears to be the light red and silver/white in chunky armor like in Ionian Master Yi where you can clearly see some similarities even in the weaponry.

In game Irelia has fluctuated a bit but remains a very powerful character. If your team cant stun her or knock her up right away she'll be all over your squishier champs and there will be nothing you can do as you watch her rip them all new ones. She can jungle and lane and get a ton of health back with a well placed Ultimate. Her character can also deliver a ton of self healing and remain quite tanky with zero tank items, making her a viable off tank with minimal effort. All in all a super effective character. Is anyone a fan of this she-slasher? then sharpen your blades and slice in some comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. I think she'll be my next champion, I love to build her a bit more tankier with Warmog's Armor. and then she's much more harder to kill and still deadly.

  2. I love irelia, though i dont like the official riot's design one bit. When i took a first glance at Eduardo Gonzales's concept art, i fell in love... but i got so dissapointed when i actually seen her.

    Still, i really like to play with her, as i really like her lore and gameplay, not to mention her voice and dialogues :).

    A really interesting player but it does require some skill to play her, even still she's super strong.

    Keep them coming :D

  3. @common:
    brutal! she's already tough to kill. her rocking warmogs would be really bad news for the other team. have fun cutting through everyone!

    more will be coming! Yeah they seemed to stray from Ed's initial design that looked a little more alien. oh wells, thanks for the comment!

  4. I wish I could play with you (damn EU and US servers!) and show you the devastating force of the Warmog's Irelia :D she's so freaking avesome, I hope I could have IP faster and show all this EU ppl how to play Irelia!

  5. My main character, I really love Irelia. Not only her skills, but her look too. Strong at early game and at late game, I think she's the best off tank you can take.

    I liked the image, so much time waiting for her!

  6. @Isacc: hey awesome! glad it only took me 54 tries to get to the champ you wanted!