Thursday, May 5, 2011

DH5: 044 -Evelynn, The Widowmaker

Double fours! It's the daily highfive!

Let's all hope somebody has oracles, It's that sneaky assassin Evelynn! Totally ready to twist out of the shadows and take down the injured!
Evelynn is a spiny, fetish gear garbed stealther who has a teased up hairstyle and blue skin. There's a lot of "femme-fatalizm" in League of Legends but Evelynn is probably ranked pretty high or at least the first of them.  Her outfit is pretty outrageous but I guess that it's pretty much the only thing that sets her apart as her own champion. She's gone through some interesting skin changes and even a recent splash page revamp.

Man, do I HATE stealthed champs, the only thing that I like about them is when they jump me and I turn around, toss up an exhaust, and melt them apart with Mundo. I would think that balancing these guys must be the biggest pain ever, or at least instill the most ire in newer player who get dominated by them. Evelynn has some neat abilities but her Ult really takes the cake, she pops it after killing a champion and gets a ton of health back and some movement speed, then it instantly refreshes and she can do it again, chaining through your team like a horrible plague of spikes and slices. I understand that stealthers have their place and I actually really like the spin they end up throwing on the game, it's just super easy to get bent out of shape by a couple stealthed slayings. Fan of the obfuscated oblivion-sender? Write down or sneak some comments in and tell us some tales or strategies for this blue skinned babe! 

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Firstly want to say I love your drawings. Was waiting to see how you would draw the evil female assasin, and to be honest I was let down.

    Eve's hair always reminded me of a final fantasy bomb, looking like a flame. The one you drew floats behind and does not capture any of that flame influence.

    Her face is much more detailed than any others you have drawn, and this detail conveys almost a glossy look of indifference. The last issue I have is with the lace replacing the studded black strap above her (shirt?).

    Don't mean to bash, because I REALLY enjoy every picture you have drawn, just figured I'd throw in my opinion about this one

  2. sorry that you aren't a fan of the rendition.

    I find it really funny that i change tons of crap on all the male champs but i play around with some costume or physical elements on a female champ and people get all bent out of shape about it.

    the lace replacement on her brassier is pointing out that she fights in La Senza valentine specials.

    either way thanks a bunch for the comment and i appreciate your points, i'm going to shoot for an all female roster next week so i'm sure i'll be getting a lot of comments like this one.

  3. All-female next week? Ooh, finally I get to see MF Jouste-Style maybe.

  4. I hate playing with Evelynn... With or against it doesn't matter... When she's in my team she always steal my kills... And when she play against me (usually when I play the squishy ones) she always picks me as first target >.<
    I was today playing against her with Caitlyn... I was killed by her one, because of no ss from bot lane... And when I bought Oracle I was owning her as I wanted to. Also today I was playing against her with Vlad, she just couldn't kill me.
    I think you need lots of skill to play Evelynn when other team has oracle. Anyways I hate everything about her, all skills, look, new animations. grrrr... but still I own her in my champ collection, but played maybe once?
    And what to your art, I like it. I'd like better Evelynn without standing hairstyle, she'd look more mysterious with one eye covered, and much more famme-fatalish. I like her blood-covered hands. I think, I liked, like, and will like all of your arts, because I'm in love with your style :D

    Hope next week I'll see Caitlyn *_*

    btw. I've written comment under Anivia art, but I've deleted it by mistake and I've rage quited your page :D

  5. @Zach r: i'll see what i can do!

    @common: yeah i totally agree, eve players always seem to be doing their own thing in a team game. thanks for the comments!

    and that's to bad about the anivia comment, kinda lame that the delete button is so easy to hit. :(

  6. Unfortunately one of my friends plays Eve often, sometimes I'm about to cry and rage quit when he has 20+ kills and I have 20+ assists, but I try to keep blood cold.
    It wasn't delete button, I wasn't logged into my google acc and I couldn't normally log in, so I just rewind pages... I was logged in but my very long (I think the longest one here) was gone (again, sorry for my poor English).

  7. i hate eve, or any champion that stealths, or wait for the scraps after team fights (Katarina, Nocturne, Teemo, etc)

    but one hilarious story i had against a eve was me and a team mate were about to walk down the lane to clear some minion, our Twisted Fate popped his ultimate, and the enemy eve was in the bush to our right

    2 second of awkward silence later, we slaughtered her


  8. @common:
    yeah i've noticed that eve's tend to just steal kills but recently i've seen rumble steal a lot more! and your english is fine, i appreciate the comments! thanks so much!

    haha i hate all those champs as well, i love your story, theres a really funny moment when everyone realizes that they are about to obliterate an enemy and you always have to wonder what they are thinking as well haha. thanks for the comment!

  9. Hmmm... I haven't noticed it yet... but still I think that master of stealing is Akali, sometimes I make people flame on me, afking, even rage quiting and that's why I'm not playing her very often, I hate 4v5 matches. Och, also Annie is good stealer, and Vlad (my favorite stealer) transfusion and pool, great stealing tools.
    Can't wait for LoL lady's week :D