Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DH5: 043 -Anivia, The Cryophoenix

It's the forty-third highfive already!

Better put on a scarf and some gloves because it looks like it's Anivia that chilly artillery!

Nothing too much beyond an icy bird but Anivia's spells are fairly interesting with the likes of a giant frozen wall and an on command blizzard. Perhaps the most memorable aesthetic is her passive where she forms into an icy nest and egg to be reborn i a flash of freezing frost. In Anivia's skins we start to see some interesting variants, like her Noxus Hunter skin and Hextech skin. All in all, I've never really been blown away with her design but find her to be an interesting approach to an ice mage.

I don't think I've ever played Anivia ever, but I know her playstyle and have really seen a lot of players light it up with her super long range and powerful spells. I'm sure we've all been in the jungle at one point or another and had a crystallized wall pop up and separate us from our friends or totally screw up your escape. getting nailed by her big combo usually wields some insane damage as well and just pray that the skilled enemy Anivia isn't stacking or those kills are going to steamroll into a real mess later on. I enjoy playing alongside a skilled Anivia, usually the ballsier ones that aren't afraid to get right into a surprise fight from the bushes. So are you pretty cool? do you like the frozen flaps of this frosty phoenix? then drop us a line! we've recently had some great discussion on the previous champs regarding some game balance and favorite strats! It's been awesome!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. finally anivia my main character! i was waiting for so long, thank you ;____;

  2. hey no problem! this week has been kind of a blur so i apologize if it looks a little quicker than the others. luckily she was a fun champ to draw! you are most welcome!