Monday, May 23, 2011

DH5: 056 -Brand, The Burning Vengeance

Hooray! Onto week 13 and another daily highfive!

Today it's that thigh-belted fireball Brand! ready to give enemy champions the hotfoot! 

Brand is a dude, on fire, with 6 thigh-belts. The skin set up is pretty neat with the underlying magma and what-not but I don't find him all that compelling as a character design. I always liked the idea of fire based characters but this guy needs some accessories or something. A weapon? An apparatus for greater fire-focusing? Maybe some more intricate caster armor or something asymmetrical? I guess the things that draws me to castes as far as aesthetics go is that they can be donned in anything and still be powerful,  Brand is supposedly this Ancient force of burning hatred but comes off looking like a magical hobo who's thighs keep falling down.

In game I haven't faced to many Brands. I know that he can really tear it up and has limited escape tricks and that whenever I'm fighting him my character is mostly aflame. I'm never that good at the ranged casters but maybe Brand's searing form of  slaying is up my alley? What makes him a fun and effective caster to use? Anyone out there a fan of this fearsome and fiery foe? please leave a comment with why or why not I should give this guy a try! thanks in advance!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Oh man, I've been saving up to buy Brand for a long time. I've been wanting a ranged character to own to fall back on, but I couldn't decide who, until I ripped some killer combos on the other team with this guy. I keep loving your style man! Diggin' those fiery bug-eyes.

  2. yeah those Brand combos are crazy. I remember coming to intercept a pretty fed up Brand Mid with my starved mundo and he vaporized me in no time. I kind of just stood there stunned and went and bought my negatron cloak in sadness.

  3. Maybe one day the gods of LoL will give brand some pants with tighter thighs

  4. Brand is actually a pretty powerful char if you can get him cookin'. He's one of the first champs I played (and saved up IP for). And the burning dmg is lots of fun. =D

  5. Brand. Lord have mercy on a good brands opponent. Because they wont get any from him. Brand is a super aggresive, high burst dmg dealing Ap caster. His incredibly easy poke can make him the go to guy to harass if there is a showdown mid. Not to mention if left alone he can quickly deal high amounts to dmg to multiple targets. Hes deff a problem but since he has low movement speed coupled with no escape tactics, hes still easy prey for a good Lux player(Me). But you will need to be very careful fighting him.