Monday, April 4, 2011

DH5: 021 - Cho'Gath, The Terror of the Void

The 21st highfive is here!

Keep an eye on your health total folks, because here comes that violent void terror Cho'Gath who is always willing to take a bite out of anything!

I've always had a problem with Cho's design. Mainly it's because it looks very similar to Todd McFarlane's Violator with some of his Maleboglia in there for good measure. Both those designs are fine for the Spawn series, but it literally looks like they were just ripped right off and plugged into League of Legends. He's supposed to be a horrible monster from the Void but ends up coming off as a cheap imitation in my opinion. Luckily he has one of the most fun legendary skins with a monocle and dapper top hat as Gentlemen Cho. In this picture I made the greedy Cho Rupturing a piece of pie so he can chomp it in mid air!

In game Cho'Gath is a beast who can become such a giant battlefield presence that people end up never even engaging the monster at all due to his insanely high health pool and strong crowd control. Another character that can be turned into a mage for some really surprising burst damage and a feast that can rip the lighter characters apart. Any fans of the beastly Cho'Gath? Any players take up the terror as a tank or monstrous mage? 

-jouste the drawbarian



    Cho always reminded me of this guy from Howard the Duck.

  2. haha oh yeah! that does kinda look like that thing. either way i hope the future monsters look a little more inspired.

  3. Actually, I think Riot was going for a Zerg theme with Cho. Have a glance:

    A lot of similarities in design, I'd say. ;)

    That said, great job! :D With Cho free this week, I've been taking the opportunity to play him. He's a lot of fun! I've been building him tanky, while my boyfriend shows the folks new to Olaf how to play /him/. XD

  4. haha sounds liek a good team comp. yeah the back claws are really reminiscent of a zergling i guess thats my main problem with the design, its not unique, it's just a big amalgamation of a bunch of different monster ideas, not THEIR monster ideas, you know?

    thanks for the comment!