Monday, April 25, 2011

DH5: 036 - Gragas, The Rabble Rouser

Our 36th Highfive! Hooray!

Get out of his way! it's that bruising boozer Gragas! Ready to body slam his way right into your team!

Gragas is a really fun looking champ, there definitely aren't enough giant bellied champions with lightning bolts war-painted to their bulks. He's probably got some of the greatest skins out there that range from gentleman to scuba, to hillbilly. His weapons are the casks that are rolled around and thrown around. he also slides into combat gut fist ready to bust up the enemies with his barroom brawling. A giant beard to go with his Giant Girth and you got yourself one hell of a champion! I've already given this one a shot but had to revisit him in the daily highfive style and get him a sportier cask for those champions on the go!

I never really got into caster Gragas, I primarily was tank Gragas and on the odd time attack damage Gragas. Those roles were a lot of fun to take on and you could get a lot of control to start happening in team fights. Then a nerf came that ruined my game, they added one more second to the cool down on body slam. It's weird but this totally ruined my Gragas game. I was so used to body slamming a certain way, that to add a second to the timer would totally throw me off. It was really interesting  to notice how one second can make all the difference in the world. Now I'm more focused on caster Gragas, but I think that I'd miss rocking that AP burst machine Sion too much to switch. Any Fans of the Grags? Drop us a line so we can Revel in this Rabble Rouser's glory!

-jouste the drawbarian 


  1. Gragas is a beast. Hes another one of my favorite champions.
    I love mobbin down lanes chuggin some brew and slammin everyone who gets in my way so the only thing left of them is a grease stain. Get In Mah Belly!
    I like playing either tank or caster gragas but mostly caster. I also like how you can body slam your way through walls and escape from those pesky gankers.
    You know your a hardcore champion when you can drink highly explosive liquor and drunkenly ram yourself through a solid wall. Theres my shout out for that alcoholic annihilater and by the way i think this my favorite piece out of your highfives nice job man and keep it up

  2. I plan on buying Gragas once I save up enough IP. I have only seen him in one game, a 5v5. Iirc it was Galio (me) and Jax vs Galio (opponent) and Gragas. His casks brought me low health quite often, but like you said in the Galio DH5, Whoever idols last, laughs last.

    He was pretty good in teamfights, throwing his ult right in the middle of us and taking some decent health off.

    Looking forward to the next one!

    PS. When do you think you will be drawing Shen or Kennen?

  3. @Caleb:
    your favorite? awesome! yeah i love the burly classes and you described this guy perfectly! i love tearing through a wall at some unsuspecting jungler or escape through the walls, the guy is king of 3v3!

    @Zach r:
    the ninjas will be coming! maybe sooner than you think? and yeah gragas is a lot of fun to play once you get a handle on his burly game presence. thanks for stopping by!

  4. I never actually really played him myself, but he always seemed fun to me. I think I tried him out once when he was free, but I never really did much. My friend that I play with all the time has a pretty mean Gragas. He hasn't played him much since his nerf, but I remember him being pretty good.

    Also, screw laning against a Gragas. Just... screw it. Almost as annoying as laning against a Maokai, but I freaking LOVE Maokai, so I forgive him for that.

  5. haha yeah laneing against gragas is pretty painful, he can zone you with almost all of his abilities and stay in lane for like ever by drinking from his cask. such a pain!

    i honestly haven't laned that much against a maokai, so i'll have to take your word for it!