Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekender vol. 007

Did it just get a little James Bond in here?

Looks like it's service with a bang! Our degenerate duo have come across a box of active grenades! It's a good thing Frugal Spaceman brought along his neighbor's tennis racquet!


Week six is over! Huzzah!

This week was ridiculous, I almost wrecked my arm from drawing so much. It's time to seriously start organizing the amount of things to start up and commit too. Work has been a lot of fun and it's been refreshing being able to talk comics and artists again with a pile of people who really appreciate it. A friend of mine is wanting to get into writing, so I told him to write, like now. It bothers me that writers spend a lot of time and every not writing or hunting for excuses on why they aren't. If I can draw on a sky train a writer can write something down on one just as easily.

Lets follow up some blogs! Here's Gorrem! A slick art-jockey residing in NY and rocking out at 38 Studios. Gorrem always cranks out high quality stuff but the biggest draw for me is how he can swing so seamlessly switch from monstrous to mass-appeal with seemingly no effort. The guy is all over the place with awesome and can pull off a seriously convincing Dan Hibiki to boot.

Have an excellent week pals!

-jouste the drawbarian   

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