Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DH5: 033 - Swain, The Master Tactician

The thirty third highfive! Alright!

Stay on your toes! it's that hobbling horror Swain! ready to go all death crow-transformation on your ass!

Swain is another character who's design initially just didn't gel with me. He has he sweet laser-crow and some fun skins but he boils down to some old guy with a cane and a smothering of robes. After doing this highfive I started to appreciate his simplicity a little more and now kind of like the way he looks. When he transforms, it makes the ultimate spell seem all the more intense when his regular form appears to be a little mundane so I suppose that was the direction his designers were going in. I love familiars and his 6 eyed purple crow monster is a perfect addition to this lean design.

Swain seems to fill a strange role in games. His CC is pretty awesome if aimed correctly, his lifesteal can make him tank straight through certain situations, and his laser-crows can really add a huge amount of damage if they get off at the right moment. So he's kind of a bulky caster with some specialized attacks, a character that i'm not very strong with but I know a few players that can really become a menace with this guy. Anyone main this monstrous man? A few comments regarding his regal reputation would be welcomed!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Oh boy oh boy! I love Swain so much. He might be one of my favorite characters. He's so much fun. Sustained DPS tanky caster? Yes please.

    In my opinion, Swain needs a solo, because his lane dominance is just too great. Autoattack harass up until level 6, pop all your spells plus an ignite and you've got yourself a kill.

    The only time I wont solo with Swain is when I'm laning with my friends Teemo. Teemo Swain lane is so awesome. We were once up against a Sion/Pantheon lane, and we won that. I didn't know that lane could be fought against.

    Keep up the good work, man. We should play sometime. :D

  2. Man that's some excellent insight on swain! thanks so much!

    That does sound like a really awesome character and lane partner. I guess I know a little more on how he's supposed to be played, thanks a bunch!