Tuesday, April 19, 2011

DH5: 032 - Garen, The Might of Demacia

Alright! the thirty-second highfive! Hooray!

What's that thing spinning out of the bushes!? Why it's everyone's favorite helicoptering hero, Garen!

Garen is a pretty typical design of a buffed out knight but I really like his presence and heroic proportions. He was one of the first champions, in my opinion that really started showing some great modeling and design work. his abilities are pretty straight forward but the real show-stopper is his ult where he lets out a mighty bellow and a giant sword comes right down from the sky to impale his enemies. He's one of the only champions who can be heard constantly by the other team, Garen's war cries are definitely a part of his character as well as his heavy armor.

In game, Garen was almost always picked when he first came out. a monster who owned the bushes and could pull back for a second and regenerate up no problem for longer laning. no cost to any abilities? check, a solid silencing ability for casters? check, the ability to finish off low HP stragglers in one move? check. The guy was a beast. you didn't even need to get that many items on  the guy to really ruin the other team. Sunfire stacking Garen was a force to behold, but he soon was met with some nerfing. Sunfire capes became unique and his stats were brought down as well. We'll all still look fondly on Garen and being able to "spin it to win it". Any fans of Garen? original Sunfire stacking slayer, or the newer, toned-down terrorizer? Drop us a line in  the comments below!

-jouste the drawbarian



    I adore Garen. I don't play him, but Zed does. He builds Garen as a tank--and oh man, is Garen made for tanking. Nerfed or not, this champ is a *beast*.

    We faced a Garen who built like Zed does. We lost. T.T

  2. yeah you sure got that right!

    I recently played against a Garen who rocked Flash and would flash in for a clutch execute, man it was crazy. thanks for the comment!

  3. It is a little weird that I have never played with or against a good Garen player since the nerfs. . .Maybe it is because my main Mundo is just a good counter to him?

  4. Mundo does slay garen, but he used to be an absolute monster. super tough, and he only needed like 3 items to make it through the majority of mid game.