Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DH5: 037 - Shen, Eye of Twilight

37th highfive! no way!

Ewwww it's a ninja! How did he get in here!? looks like it's that saving shinobi Shen! ready to stop those assailants with a well timed shield!

I gotta say that the ninja champs that hang around in LoL are a bit on the generic side. They are all extremely symmetrical with hardly any variety at all. I think the main problem is they tried to be too authentic with these designs and the weapons and armor stray so little from the norm that they fall on the side of blandness. Shen is still a neat champion regardless though because of his toughness and tanky nature usually reserved for character types other than ninjas. the dual ninja-tos on his back and spiky shoulder armor are a nice touch and his surgeon skin is pretty slick as well. I'm also a pretty nostalgic guy, so to see him look like the ninjas in MK is pretty cool. (even though pirates ARRRR a lot better).

I pick on Shen a lot in some of my other sketches but it's really because he can save people at the perfect time and totally ruin a fight for the other team. He has a neat playstyle and is hilarious when put on a global team with TF, Pantheon and Nocturne or something. I was  always a little suspicious of the energy system in LoL but I figure that they are adding even more systems like rage and heat so there's gotta be something in the balance. Shen can taunt and although I hate getting hit by it, i love that it force taunts characters. It really makes you think before committing to a team fight or even a tower dive. So is there any Shen fans? sound off here with your stories of ninja saving action!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. i was playing shen once when my internet went bad and I'd lag out of the game maybe every five minutes or so, even then I was still able to save a teammate with my ulti almost every time i logged back in, it was awesome

  2. Having mained shen since I started playing, I gotta say he is a good character to play at the lower levels. No one co-ordinates, so when someone tries to kill one of my allies, STAND UNITED, and it becomes a 2v1 and usually a free kill.

    Vorpal blade is very spammable in lane, and can harrass other melee characters. Vs ranged characters it is more difficult to harrass, but its still possible to harrass.

    Shadow Dash is pretty fun, certainly has saved my allies multiple times when I run through the chasing opponents.

    My only problem is his Fient. It doesn't provide nearly enough protection and time in the game, and is only really usefull for slow projectile attacks like Cait's ultimate.

    But yeah, overall Shen is pretty good (except lategame, but thats another story entirely)

  3. haha that's hilarious. also cool that you were able to make the best out of a lousy connection!

    thanks for sharing pal!

  4. @Zach r: really good rundown on Shen, i remember when feint was a little stronger and could stop a lot more, i guess it's too weak now?

    good point on the late game, his skills just don't scale up as well.

    great comment!

  5. All I really have to say is: Arrrr.

    (Although a great piece nonetheless! :3)

  6. excellent, another fan of those sea-faring savages! go pirates!

  7. Shen is rly great! I've always wanted to buy him, but every time I've got IP for him, there was another champion I'd liked to buy so... he's still in queue :)

    P.S. Arrrrrrrrrrr! Aye Capitan Jouste keep on doin' great job :D

    P.S.2 I'm begging you draw Caitlyn :D

  8. Wow, i totally love how you pictured him, haha... he looks bulky and tanky here (Like it should be, being a tank and all)

    I never understood WHY he's a tank and not a dps carry, i mean... HE IS A NINJA GOD DAMNIT!

    Oh well, i still love him, haha.
    Keep them coming Jouste! :D

    PS: Never understood the whole "pirates vs ninjas" thing, it's so bizarre.

  9. @common:
    yes! a fellow pirate! thanks for dropping the cannonball comments me scurvy lad!

    the only reason that the pirates vs. ninjas thing is bizarre is that ninjas ever thought they stood a chance in the first place. glad you like the bulkiness of shen!