Thursday, April 14, 2011

DH5: 029 - Kassadin, The Void Walker

29th highfive! Hooray!

There is no escape! it's that vicious voidwalker Kassadin! ready to silence you forever with his void sphere!

I've already given Kassadin a shot but not in the style of the highfive and I also gave him feet which some people did not like very much so here he is! Kassadins design is a little strange. He's got this mess of a respirator on his face like some kind of metal squid and the blacks and purples aren't different enough in value to really let anything pop. The most noticeable thing is his "Void" powers that are represented by kind of a static blast noise pattern on a very bright purple/pink, I feel that it's a good representation of something foreign in the world but it comes off as a little too strong. It cold be that Malzahar's Void attacks are more recent so appear to be better looking due mainly to the more practiced effects team.

In game I haven't seen to many Kassadin's lately but when a good one shows up and snags a few kills the get to be these roaming, un-catchable monsters. With a teleport on very low cooldown that deals damage and an on demand silence he really is a mean character to be fighting. Kassadin has a pretty difficult playstyle that definitely isn't for everyone, I really admire strong Kassadin players because the few times I gave this Voidwalker a shot I was soundly thrashed. Any fans of the teleporting typhoon Kassadin? Drop us a comment so we can catch up!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Awesome! I've been waiting for you to draw Kassadin (and even more eager for you to draw Veigar, my main ;))

    I recently bought the Void Walker, and I build him AP so it's pretty hard to get kills without getting killed yourself. (Since he eats mana like no other and has pretty low health.) But I've learned to fall in love with him. I think the key to playing him is all about which fights you decide to join and how you position yourself. If you get too close your just fodder for the other team, so Voidwalking in and out is a must. He's like the ultimate assassin!

    Anyways, love the pic and keep drawing!

  2. those are some really good points coolkirby.

    Veigar will be on the way! And Kassadin sounds like a lot of fun to get the hang of! the tips are appreciated and maybe i'll give that crafty assassin a shot!

  3. Kassadin was one of my favourite designs, not to mention his lore (Oh my god!!) and his voice and dialogues... he's like, total badass.

    Though one thing i NEVER liked its his skirt-robe-thingy, i mean... i think it would look way better with feets, and it fits him too, it would like more like an assasin type mage, running and jumping around the battlefield and cutting waves of minions with his vorpal blade and cool magic effects... kinda like Nightcrawler from X-men, (well, without the void magic, of course).

    He's a mean bastard in-game, and he always was, since beta... and one thing i like is that he's pretty versatile, you can play tanky mage, nuker, and even dps (when you want something different of course, he can excel at doing much damage to squishy mages and dissapear with his ult, in no time, but you gotta be good at going in-and-out)

    Oh well, keep them coming, Jouste! :D

  4. I never thought of kass as a tanky mage. I really like the sound of that set up. And yeah his skeirt robe is a pretty lame looking set of clothes.

    thanks for the pointers! you've got me considering this creep!

  5. Kassadin? Oh man, awesome drawing, but this champs is a mid-lane beast.
    Since the day i started playing LoL, I never won with a ranged champ vs kasssadin mid, and never lost as kassadin vs ranged champ mid. This guy is only countered by skill-independant melee champions that dont mind his aggresive range cutting down, that shuts down most ranged squishies.
    If a kassadin starts to dominate you - you're doomed.

    (Btw. awesome pic. Any chance for Xin Zhao?)

  6. really tight description dude!

    i never really thought to brace a mid-lane kass against a beefy melee. Very cool to know, and i've been on the receiving end of those dominating Kassadins and they are way too intense.

    And Xin will be coming! never fear!