Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekender vol. 005

Bargain bin of DvD action!

Looks like Frugal Spaceman got caught up in the deal of a lifetime! Major Shark might need to pull up a little more slack in this fight, at least until Frugal Spaceman makes a decision!

Week four is out the door!

What a super week it has been, I recently got back in touch with a very interesting opportunity that I'm hoping goes through. My work's been a lot of fun, designing stuff for cartoons sure is a blast and I'm learning a ton.

I'm also learning that I might need to upgrade my home set up to a 21ux cintiq because I've tasted the sweet sweet nectar of the 21ux at work and would really like one for my personal projects at home. 

Anybody excited for the new MK? I know I am, such a meaty and snappy game that's gonna bring back a ton of memories and make a few new ones as well.

Here's hoping everyone has an awesome week! I'll still be cranking out the LoL champions!

-jouste the drawbarian.


  1. I am totaly exited about the new Mortal Kombat the way it was meat to be. . .Brutaly violent and gory.

  2. Yeah the little kids gloves they wore on MK vs DC was pretty hilarious in a baaaaad way.