Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekender vol. 006

Power zip line doubles!

Frugal Spaceman and Major shark take to the skies with some cheap zip line action! looks like even major shark wasn't too sure about this idea!


Week five is no longer alive!

I'm wrapping up some side projects and continually drawing for cartoons at my work. Trying to decide which, if any, of my own characters would fit well into a web series. I'm tied between a long story or a series of short ones, although I've found that setting your standards too early can be a pain like in my Tales from the Tarpit series. The 15 panel set up was established without me even really thinking what I was getting into and all of a sudden I was trapped in this Pseudo-Sunday funnies format that requires a whole bunch of gag-panels.

How about a couple Blog shout outs! Here's my good friend Jake Collinge on the blog deal. A tight artist who is up to his armpits in creature and environmental skills (that may be undercutting him a bit because he is pretty short). And how about everyone who' a fan of monsters! check out that awesome blog Monster Brains that gets in some amazing retro and contemporary monster art, everything form classic paintings to VHS covers, one of my faves for sure!

Have an excellent week everyone! More LoL characters on the way!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. hey thanks a pile Tyler. you got some great looking work on your drawing blog, totally following!