Monday, April 11, 2011

DH5: 026 - Mordekaiser, The Master of Metal

Hooray for Week 6!

Get ready for some durable lane work. It's that notoriously nasty Mordekaiser! Swinging around that massive mace must get pretty strenuous for that metallic monster!

Mordekaiser is a pretty neat design, A living suit of armor with a giant weapon covered in spines. He's got a great silhouette but has a no visual breaks in his metallic body. This makes him look like a big,sharp and shiny blob at times. The huge Mace is swung well in the attack animations and his clunky stride looks great in game. Another home run on the proportional side of things and his spell effects add an interesting touch of shrapnel to his design. Here we have him taking a break to appreciate some small yellow birds.

In game Morde can really push a lane, he can just stay in there forever, charging up his shield and regenerating health from his ultimate spell. I remember when he was a little more buffed, you could just throw him solo mid or top and take the tower down super early because the jerk could out push like anyone. One of the more interesting things I head about Mordekaiser was that a team in one of the tourneys based off their entire strategy on his ultimate and the slave it made. The team would roam around and when they got into team fights they'd throw Morde's Ultimate on a champ, focus him down in seconds and get the ghost to help them make the fight a 6v4. it was a really neat strategy.

-jouste the drawbarian.


  1. YES! Morde is one of my favorite champs to run because of his shield.

    As much as a terror Morde is on 5v5's, when running on 3v3's, it gets insane with his laning power. I usually solo top with him, and nearly everyone underestimates me early game. The only real problem I have with Morde is that you need the perfect storm to 1v1 and onward. The perfect storm being a ready supply of enemy minions. Siphon being the best skill to recharge, only works with a ton of minions in the cone, so me, 1v1'ing against any competent DPS'er I'd usually get eaten alive.

    I'm getting side tracked, great job man!

  2. awesome! i never really thought about him as a 3s champion but those are some great points!

    and i totally agree with you on the need for enemy minions. it's almost like Renekton is now where he needs that pile of creep to lifesteal-tank his way through fights.

    thanks for the Mordekaiser main comment!

  3. "I like my women like I like my music--heavy, and *metal.*"

    Oh, Mord. X3

    Excellent work. He looks like he's about to smash those little birdies.

  4. haha i don't think that Morde could bring himself to crush those birds, they just want to be pals!

  5. Not much to say... just:


    Keep them coming! :D