Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DH5: 023 - Jax, Grandmaster at Arms

The 23rd highfive! Alright!

Yikes! Leap strike! It's that dodging and damaging death-dealer Jax! flying through the air to end your time alive!

I like the proportions of Jax quite a bit, he's built like a very tough looking guy with some speed in him. I actually remember first seeing him and his street-lamp wielding set up really early in the beta and being drawn to a pretty well laid out color palette and interesting accessory choices. Riot tends to cram every element of eastern culture into their champs but I believe that with Jax they scored a healthy medium of their own influences. His skin selection is very interesting and "Vandal Jax" is very well done with a much meaner looking masher.

In game Jax used to be a monster, he's one of those champions that's gone through some fluctuation during his time in the roster. Initially we'd get first time players to try him out amongst our friends for his very direct play style. Now I don't really see a lot of Jaxes in the games I play but every now and then one will show up and remind me just how terrible that auto-attacking monster really is. Any fans of that weaponless wonder Jax? sound off here in the comments or that giant leap strike he's doing will land on you!

-jouste the drawbarian.


  1. I played Jax during his last temp week; he was so much fun. I played a few bot games first just to get a feel for him, and to test some builds and such, and it was so satisfying leaping onto an unsuspecting bot under their tower and killing them.

    I played a few normals with him, too, and one time I had a ward and went into the dragon's lair, placed it over the wall, leaped over the wall, and then went into their jungle and killed their Tryndamere.

    Their whole team came after me, and I almost got away, and it woulda been awesome, but I had completely forgotten that the other team had an Ezreal...

    Anyway, I always loved his character design, and I love this picture.

  2. yeah Jax is a monster! it's neat that he can clear walls and just ruin people's day. Must of felt great to kill that Tryndamere!

    thanks for the comment! I'm a fan of his design as well.

  3. Oh, man Jax. I always hate fighting a Jax. Zed and I have this theory where Teemo is demon-spawn, Fiddlesticks is his father, and Jax is their bodyguard.

    He has a sort of Duke Nukem feel to me. I dunno why. Maybe just his attitude? His voice? XD

  4. haha yeah his voice really is a tough one. i have to agree with you that teemo is demon spawn. He would have to be with the score the last one i played against had D:

  5. Man hes been my main for a while and he is meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mean mean, so tough, i took on jarvan level 15 and i was level 8, 8!! and it was head on full hp and i just had shoes and dorans shield haha it was funny see him run away xD and its been like that everygame, no matter what they have to gank me to kill me xD

  6. things going much easier after achieving R-skill )