Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DH5: 022 - Annie, The Dark Child

It's the 22nd highfive! hooray!

Looks like things are going to be heating up! It's that pint-sized pyromaniac Annie! ready to rain down doom and destruction along with terrifying teddies!

Annie's design is a pretty interesting one. My favorite aspect of it is her giant stuffed bear golem who lumbers around and enters from the sky as a crazy flaming meteor. Her voice is like a concentrated ray of cuteness that gets a little overwhelming after about her third line. The firepowers are pretty neat and she skips along the battlefield instead of walking along it like a regular champion. Annie's always been a favorite from a community standpoint and they seem to be eagerly waiting for a teenager Annie to make it to the field.

Game wise she has one mean initiator, the giant bear named Tibbers that can crack down and stun everybody in a big blast of fire. The only time I ended up playing her was in an ARAM game and even with that unorthodox playstyle, I could use her pretty well. I also remember back when Leviathan would give you 2 stacks just for assisting and every caster in the game would buy the thing. Annie players would pick up a Leviathan and become unstoppable. Any Annie adorers out there? Let that pipsqueak know you care with some comments!

-jouste the drawbarian


  1. Annie, a pretty fun champ, but i ALWAYS hated her in-game model, she looks so flat, simple and boring... not to mention her eyes, hair, and feets are horrible. It's kinda sad, 'cause the idea of her lore, and design has a lot of potential in my opinion. As we can see, designers back from beta-testing weren't so great as they are now.

    Though, Tibbers DOES rock. haha

    Awesome piece as always! =)

  2. Yeah that's a good point.

    the newer champs are a lot more aesthetically pleasing and have more interesting details (for the most part)I still find the constant pile of humans pretty lame TBH.

  3. Agreed, LoL sure needs more bestiality, monsters and fantasy creatures. In my opinion, a spectre character would fit really well. (aside from nocture who is kinda ghost)